Losing the will to live!

I need to put my prices up , I have 300 listings to change. . Please tell me there is a quick way to do this

I have a feeling that the only thing you can bulk-edit is postage. :frowning_face:

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Sadly only bulk edit on postage. I agree we need an easier way to increase prices. I have 872 items listed and some of the prices need increasing but like you just cannot face it!

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I am angry with Folksy for not addressing this problem. If other sites can do it why not folksy? Seriously thinking of closing my shop , sales are not good either.

ridiculous isnt it

If I want to make changes to multiple items I usually work from the my shop rather than the listings page. If you right click on the item in your shop you can open in a new tab or window, click on edit once it’s opened and make your changes. It’s not massively quicker but it does save the opening one item, editing, updating and it going back to the listings and having to find your place again.

Hope that helps a bit Diane


This is what I do too, although I’ve only about 40 items.

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thanks maxine