Isle of Wight makers! New opportunity!

Hello everyone I am organising the first Book-ish craft fair in Newport Library, Isle of Wight. I am looking for high quality art and crafts that have a (loose!) book theme. Places are very limited but I would love to meet some more local Folksy sellers!

I’m actually in Manchester, but thought maybe Maria @ArtilyEverCrafter might be interested…


Thank you for this- there has been a lot of interest already but it would be lovely to have some Folksy buddies there!

Hi there, this does sound interesting!
I am actually based in Ryde and would probably have to get a bus.
Most of my products are art/illustration prints and my partner also writes books, so would be a pretty fitting event for us.
I noticed you said places are limited and also that it is in May, so couldn’t say for sure if I would be available, but definitely interested.
Any more info on the event would be great and when you would need confirmation of booking a table by?
Maria x

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Hi! Well about half the tables have been booked, I think the best thing to do is just let us know as soon as you know if you can do it. There’s probably room to squeeze a few more tables in any way so don’t worry too much :blush: