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Craft fair advert leaflet for your table

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

HI folks. Im really hoping to sell at craft fairs from September and I was trying to think of a way to advertise to customers where I will be selling in the future. So I came up with a leaflet Im going to leave on my table for people to take.
This one Ive attached here for you is blank at the top but on my one I have added my business name and info, you could always staple a busines card to the top if you dont have photo editing facilities.
Ive added place, date and time sections and 4 lines to add your info as there are on average 4 weekends in a month and (if you are like me) you wont be selling on both days of the weekend. Either handwrite your info or use some clever computery way of adding words(Can you tell Im not good with computers).
Its not perfect but I just thought its an idea to have on your tables so people can see where you will be selling your crafts on the lead up to Xmas.
Please feel free to use it for yourselves. A5 is a good size but you can always print it bigger.
As I type this Im hoping you can just click on the image and it comes up bigger which you can then save. Fingers crossed.

(a minute later) Yes you can click on it and save, hooray.

(Lynn Britton) #2

That’s a brilliant idea.
Lynn x

(Grimm Exhibition) #3

Thanks. I did something similar last year(but less organised). I was left with about 20% of what id printed and I was asked to sell at a well attended summer fair, so it can help and lead to good things.

(Victoria Gregory) #4

That’s a really good idea!

Thanks for sharing it. :smile:

Vicki x

(Roz) #5

Thats a great idea and thank you for taking the hard work out of it!

(Grimm Exhibition) #6

No probs. Would be nice to see what you all add to yours for inspiration. Eg what your banner at the top will look like.

(Louise Jay) #7

oo thank you, very good idea :slight_smile:
louise x

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

Your welcome.

(Grimm Exhibition) #9

Just bumping this as its nearly September and the Christmas craft fairs start soon.