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Its alive, ALIVE! (sewing)

So happy to say I got our old singer sewing machine working, the bobbin case was playing up so I swopped it for the one from my modern machine and it works a treat. Sews so smoothly too.
Just had to say #doesahappydance


There is something incredibly satisfying about getting a much loved machine running smoothly again isn’t there? (especially when you don’t have to find an engineer)

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I mentioned I used my modern bobbin case in the od machine on FB and somebody is sending me a spare case for free!! Arn’t people lovely.

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Ive had a couple more goes on the machine today(I couldn’t resist) the one flaw is that it doesn’t do a lock off back stitch. Other than that its gorgeous!

I had a look at the bobbin winding section, turns out I had no bobbins that were wide enough for the thread density lever (made up name)to push into. Took a chance at buying bobbins from local haberdashery and they fit!! Theres even a little notch you have to line up so it all fits. Love it, its all so clever.

HI Folks, Im making myself a tightish fitting dress with elastic in the bias binding across the back panel. Is there a rule re elastic? Do I have to try it on and measure it exactly so its a perfectly elasticated width or do I thread in teh elastic and shorten it by a set amount?
Hope that made sense.

Yes, I’ve got an old singer machine myself which isn’t working and I can’t work out whats wrong, will have to see if I can get it fixed,