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Sewing Machine feet - help

Calling all you sewing experts …

I picked up this little beauty at the local dump last week - didn’t need a sewing machine as I already have one, but couldn’t resist! It works like a dream but came with a selection of feet that I have no idea what they do - a couple of them look like guides but thats about as far as I can manage! Can anyone shed any light?


Beautiful machine! I got a job lot of feet with my old Singer 201, among them a Bias Binder, one for turning and sewing very fine hems, and some complicated peices of machinery for ruffling and pleating. Also, fortunately, this little book, which might help (especially in threading the bobbin the right way round - as I admitted on another recent thread…)

I’m sure I used something like the first one (top left) to make bias binding back in the day on my mum’s old singer.

Thanks - I have now manage to find an online manual for the machine which details what they do (with the exception of the last one) and yes they seem to be for making bias binding, hemming and ruffling etc. Not sure my sewing skills are up to any of those and the instructions look very complicated so maybe they will just sit in the box! Never knew things were so advanced in 1922!

I have this exact machine, didn’t get any feet like yours just the basic ones but it sews like a dream and I have used it on everything from boat sails to sheer fabric. Enjoy!

What a fabulous find, my mother who’s 99 inherited her treadle Singer from her mother. it was a bit of a beast and mum had it converted to electric in the 60’s but I have it now. Stitch is still very good but I only have 1 bobbin and no fancy feet.

Looks like I have the exact same one but without feet. They are gorgeous to look at and sew like a dream, Im glad you saved it. Top left I a bias binding foot.

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I have a tin with all those feet in with my Singer machine. Honestly I have only used the straight stitch and they are fantastic machines - no breaking needles etc…I just love it. I have no idea what they are all for but I know one has a measure so for hemming etc… I imagine. I didn’t get any instructions with mine so shall have a look at those thanks. Yours looks exactly the same as mine if you need any help x

really, I shall have to have a play with mine in that case. thanks

Managed to find a manual online - think its for a slightly newer model as mine doesn’t have the same stitch length adjustment (just a knob on mine) but it does explain how the attachments work so if you want to have a play Claire @kernowclaire it might help.