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Jeweller with soldiering skills wanted please

I have a small sterling silver crescent moon (set with paste stones) brooch that I want converted into a necklace. It will need the clasp sawing off and the remaining soldier filed down and jump rings soldiered on, incorporating the chain at the same time at either end as I want the moon pendant permanently attached to the necklace, it is a fairly small brooch (about 1.5cm squared) If anyone wants to take on this (paid obviously!!) commission I would be grateful.

Reading your description , it wouldn’t be possible to silver solder near the paste stones- as huge temperatures are involved. It my be possible to drill and add jumprings.
You can send me a photo if you like, and I can see if it is something I could do for you.

Thanks very much Deborah, I wondered about that - will be in touch in the morning with some photos.

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