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Any jewellers on here - remake upcycle redesign remodel silver/gold?

I have some jewellery that I would like to have remodelled. I am not sure what’s doable, but if anyone here does this kind of work I’d be grateful to hear from you!
Thankyou! x

It depends a bit on what you’ve got and what you want doing with it. I’m currently converting a man’s gold wedding band into a dragonfly pendant and have previously converted a gold ring into a pair of chandelier earrings. I’m more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you if you like.

These are the earrings made from an old ring

This bit is the detailing from the shoulders of the ring (the curved bit at the bottom is where the setting for the stone was), the stone is sat on the side of my bench with all the scraps of gold whilst my client decides what she wants me to do with them.

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Thank you! Do you melt and remodel? and how much did you charge (ballpark only) for example for these earrings?

Getting the metal melted down isn’t that hard but I don’t have a rolling mill or draw plates to then turn it into something useable once its been turned into an ingot. So for both those earrings and the current pendant project I have just flattened out the metal and used it as is so the design has been lead by what the original was rather than having a blank slate. This requires a bit more thought and a degree of flexibility in the design so I’m happy to look at a photo of the bits and give you a guide as to whether what you are thinking is possible (with my skill set).
I think I charged £35 for the earrings as there was a certain amount of time/work associated with getting the stone out intact for reuse.

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Thank you - I can PM/email you - can you send pics in messages?
It’s possible that might be too big a limitation, but will have a think and take some pics etc and be in touch.
Thanks for your responses!

You can send pictures in messages and I’m sure once I’ve seen them we can put our heads together and come up with something.

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yay! will be in touch :slight_smile: