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Jury Service

I’ve just been called for Jury Service in a couple of months time. It’s the 2nd time I’ve been called, but last time I was employed and my employer paid me anyway. This time I’m self-employed and will have to prove my loss of earnings to claim it - has anyone else had to do this, and how on earth do I prove how much I would normally have earned as a self-employed designer/maker?

I have a feeling that as a self employed person you may well be exempt from jury service - I know I was called once and I managed to get out of it. If you wanted to do it then I guess there must be some guidelines as to how you would calculate your loss e.g.: Last years earnings/365 days will give you a daily rate or alternatively work out how many pieces you can make in a day and what your profit from selling them would be. I don’t know the official rules but I suspect there must be a helpline/contact number you can call to ask.

You fill in a slightly different form, I was called and had to complete an employed and a self employed form. These were then sorted at court, with them stating my allocation based on my hours.

I wonder how they decide who to call? My OT and I (now in our 60s) have never been called, but some years ago our younger daughter was called. For one reason or another, she just didn’t go (she was going through a phase :slight_smile: No repercussions luckily ). But just a couple of weeks later our other daughter was called. It seemed a bit of a coincidence if people are picked at random.
Good luck with sorting it out, Christine.

People are selected at random from the electoral roll, from age 18 up to about 70-75 now I believe. Last time I just sat around for a couple of weeks and eventually got to sit on a jury for 1 day, so it was a bit of a waste of time, but as I was getting paid anyway I didn’t really mind.

I think I’ll give them a call and see whether I might be excused as a self-employed sole trader. If not, perhaps I can take some work with me!

Lol. I’m afraid you’re not exempt for being self-employed.

They give you a form to complete your expenses.

I’ve done it twice, and I just filled in what lost earnings I’d had that week. If you do not know exactly, then just forecast how much by using an average weekly earnings.

You can use your self-assessment forms to prove income if required.

One other thing, when were you last called?

If it was within the last 5 years, then you are exempt this time around. But they will call you again in future, most likely.

I’ve always wanted to do jury duty. I’m 28 and haven’t yet. My mum has- but I don’t know anyone else of a close friend or family who has. I’d love to get out of work for a few weeks! Our law courts are in a lovely place too so I’d be quite happy. Haha good luck!!

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I’m guessing I was exempt because I work in a medical field then not because I was self employed - I know there was some reason for getting out of it!

It was a long, long time ago…certainly more than 5 years! :slightly_smiling:

According to the blurb, you’re only exempt for 2 years now anyway, so I can’t use that excuse!

I don’t mind doing it - it’s not my busy time and it actually fits quite nicely between holidays and craft fairs that have already been booked and paid for, so that’s a blessing. If I opt out now, I might get called again at an inconvenient time, so I’ll probably just do it.

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Yes, must admit, I enjoyed it too, despite being apprehensive before the first time.

It was quite enlightening to say the least, I mean, I met a lot of interesting people amongst my fellow jurors, and also some whose mentality was quite worrying really, put it this way, I wouldn’t want them on my jury if I was ever on the stand, lol !!! :joy: Just as well there was 15 of us.

Scottish Courts must be different. We still get 5 years between.

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I’ve done it twice, Husband has once and my Mother in Law has just this week finished her 2nd lot of jury service.
My Sister has never ever done it and would absolutely love to.
It’s funny how some get called up more than once and others never get to do it.

From what I can remember it was lots of sitting around getting a bit bored and then being called up. Must admit I wouldn’t want to do it again.

Selection is affected by the number of years at your address, i.e. if you are moving addresses regularly, and not on the electoral roll for a lengthy period of time, then you are less likely to be picked.

We’ve been at our current address for thirty years and never been called ! I’m feeling a bit left out :slight_smile:

Someone once told me that you are more likely to get selected if you live closer to the court - lower travelling expenses maybe? I’m a 20 min train ride away, so not too bad this time. Last time I met a fellow juror who lived just a few streets away from the courts, and he was on his fifth call-up.

That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. But then, if that’s the case, why hasn’t my Father in Law ever been called up?

Wow… Fifth time doing it? That’s a heck of a lot.

That’s what I thought - he said he hoped it was his last time! Mind you, he was retired, so probably too old to be called any more after that. They keep increasing the age limit - I think it’s either gone up (or going up soon) to 75 now.

One of my colleagues in a previous job was called and he had to be absent from the office (on and off) for 3 weeks! Find out as much as possible about claiming your expenses in advance. Hopefully, it will be a short one for you!

I’m sure it used to be for 3 weeks, but it seems now to be only 2 weeks, unless you get picked for a longer case. Fingers crossed I won’t be! :slightly_smiling: