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Grasp the possibility?

So I’m on the dole and I currently volunteer at a charity shop. Working in retail is nothing unfamiliar to me, and neither is recommending stuff to customers. This one guy comes in, we have a chat, and then I help him decide what donated jewellery pieces look like they could be worn by the Ancient Egyptians and found him a perfect belt to be part of a gothic outfit.

Turns out he’s an ex-copper who is now just starting to become a photographer and is looking through charity shops for props and clothes to use on models and in photos.

So we chat a bit more, thanking me for helping him, and then he gives me a business card of his small business along with his phone number and email printed on it. He also does weddings and parties too.

And then I didn’t think this until the middle of the night: I paint and decorate boxes. And that guy is looking for props. Then it clicked:_ I could email him and ask him if he fancies the idea of me designing a box to his specifications for his photo shoots!!_

I still got his business card and this chance seems too good to be true. I’m visiting the jobcentre on Friday so I may present my idea to my advisor and ask him for advice on part-time self-employment. ((I’m still seeking a permanent part-time job to fall back on just in case.))

What would you guys do?

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You have nothing to loose by asking him if he would like one of your boxes, he might say no (I’m not sure what he is planning on photographing so they might not be suitable props) but you might get a commission out of it. Depending on what he is photographing you might be able to develop a partnership where he takes the photos and you supply decorated photo frames for people to buy for the photo to go in.
Definately worth asking for advice at the job centre - I’m not sure how any sort of part time income (self employed or as an employee) would affect your benefits but I am sure that it would affect your benefits.

However it affects my benefits, I might as well go for it. It’ll feel better than waiting around and twiddling my thumbs.

Oooh! I haven’t decorated photo frames before, but that sounds like a good opportunity!