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Keywords challenge

Hi all, here’s a new thread which is both fun and hopefully useful!

Post your item here, and comment on the potential keywords which you think you would use to find the item above. The challenge is to find three words or phrases which the person above could use, which they haven’t already used! Hopefully, we might get some new combinations which we hadn’t thought of before!

I’ll start off with one from my new shop:

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And here is my reply:

Birthday card pony; Grey pony card; Grey pony.

And the next:

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My reply is:
A host of hearts; Hearts delight picture; My heart is yours picture

This is mine

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winter mittens, hand warmers, glove gifts

black party mask, black carnival mask, fancy dress costume

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Thanks Pauline, I have added those three to my tags :grin:

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farmhouse kitchen, kitchen decor, country living,


Bed warmer, hand warmer, hottie

fabric coasters, tea coaster, handmade coaster

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lavender gifts, drawer smellies, handmade lavender gifts

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Haha! Like the ‘drawer smellies’ - would never have thought of that one! :laughing:

LOL…I googled it first to make sure it worked! :grinning:

Thanks! Think I’ll be adding that one! :grin:

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Adult dress up, frozen crown, snowflake tiara.

pewter brooch, pewter heart, cracker gift

This is a very helpful challenge. I used all 3 of my previous suggestions. Thank you Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE


White handmade bag, gift ideas, hand decorated gifts

Boho wedding, wedding accessories, and country wedding,

tree ornament, sequinned ornament, Christmas ornament

(I’ve forgotten which part to copy to get the picture to show. Can amend if someone lets me know)

Is this the one,Terry? Don’t know why your link didn’t work.
statement jewellery, gemstone pendant, unique jewellery.

Here’s mine…

Sliver metal cufflinks, Accessories for men, lovely wedding anniversary gifts

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