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Learning a new craft

I have wanted to learn how to crochet for a while. My mum and nan could only knit so nan asked about and found some ladies that could. I went for my lesson and seemed to pick it up also felt a little cocky as it seemed so confusing but when being shown made sence. That was yesterday today I have sat for hours and its all gone to mush again. I have seen some bits that people have made and they look beautiful why won’t it work grrrr

have you thought of checking youtube I’ve just been looking and if you type in how to crochet lots of how to video’s show up and you can pause them as you need to.

It’s so much easier to learn by watching and trying and videos really help. I learnt to do Tunisian crochet by watching youtube video’s.

@EileensCraftStudio yes I have been on there today think going to have to watch a few more. Or I am just doing something wrong I will just power through :slight_smile:
Ohhh what is Tunisian crochet? So many different kinds about.

Tunisian crochet is done a elongated hook a bit like a knitting needle with a stop and one end and the hook on the other and no finger plate like normal crochet hooks.

There are also double ended Tunisian Crochet hooks.

I have a set of both kinds. I also have a couple of items in my shop created in Tunisian Crochet.

It gives you a thicker fabric so great for thick afghans.

This is a double end Tunisian hook and an afghan I’m crocheting for myself


I taught myself from a book many years ago. If you get one with clear diagrams you can go at your own pace, as slow as you like…

I am just like you! I expect to be expert after one lesson!!! But I think of it like this : imagine you were a top flight tennis player like whats-his-face …the scottish bloke…er…Andy Murray…do you think he won wimbledon after a couple of lessons?..I think we have no right to expect so much of ourselves and deny the experts years of hard work and knowledge! You will soon be producing lovely pieces! Just enjoy learning! Mxx

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I taught crochet and designed crochet items for many years…(can’t do it now because my poor hands won’t hold the yarn to give it tension…which is why I paint)
Just a tip…IF you find holding the yarn and hook difficult then do it as if you were knitting…this often helps people who find it difficult and IF you are left handed, find an instruction book and you can if you want look at the pictures with a mirror…

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@EileensCraftStudio that is beautiful when I master this basic one I would love to look into others as well.

Yes I have a book but sometimes can’t beat watching someone.

@MaggieGeeNeedleworkStudio Haha yes I think this is partly the problem.

I have changed my wool and sat down with youtube and this is the result so far.

The penny might just be dropping slowly :slight_smile:


You are getting the jist of the Granny square :smile:

When I learnt to crochet I was very young and all I had was a granny square blanket my auntie’s had crocheted for me and one of the square’s got caught and ripped. I had to de construct that square and re crochet it and kept comparing my effort to the complete ones in the blanket.

I’ve been developing my crochet ever since and it was only in 2013 I finally learnt to read a crochet pattern and disovered the name’s of the stitches and found that UK crochet stitches have different names to USA crochet stitches :O. So I’ve always had to make my own patterns.

I never learnt how to hold the hook and yarn I just did what seemed right to me. I’ve now since learnt there are different ways to hold the hook/yarn simply by viewing a couple of Youtube video’s and seeing fellow crocheter’s at work.

So don’t worry go as slow or as fast as you like, and don’t worry if you don’t pick every thing up all at once or find you hold the hook or the yarn different from the next person.

Enjoy :smile:

Apparently I crochet “wrong” because I don’t really hold the hook at all and compared to other people’s style, I do it all backwards. But the finished item comes out just fine, so I would just find a way that works for you and enjoy it :slight_smile:

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Hi there, my mum taught me how to crochet and I love it, I also find it relaxing. . . . crack on your doing well so far x

that’s lovely, makes me want to start as well! :smile:

Well done!! X

Thank you all for replying need to master pattern understanding next I will crack this crochet lark.