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Do you have crochet skills?

(Camilla) #1

I’m in serious need of some crochet advice.

I’ve got books, yarn and hooks, but everything I make just ends up looking like a cat toy. Although the cats are thrilled to have an ever-replenishing supply of knotted strings, I want to know how to use patterns to make beautiful things - not circles with dangling tails.

How did other people learn? Have you got any book or video tutorials recommendations? Can you share your tips?

Where should I start? Please help.*

*slightly desperate plea

(Jane Whalley) #2

Hi there, I love to crochet as a hobby, with sewing being my main interest. There is a fantastic blog you can follow called Attic 24, by Lucy. She has some great tutorials and easy patterns to get you going. I was lucky enough to meet Lucy last month as she held a workshop in her home town of Skipton and I learnt absolutely loads. She also has a facebook page as well.

However, initially when I started to learn just over two years ago now, I went to a few beginners classes in my local town. To be honest, I think it is much easier if you can be shown rather than trying to follow a pattern yourself. Once you get the basics right, you will be away. Happy Hooky

Jane x

(Camilla) #3

Thanks Jane. I’m going to have a look at Lucy’s blog now.

(Jane Whalley) #4

I’m sure you’ll love it

(Sian ) #5

@Folksycontent I can recommend this GirlyBunches (not on Folksy any more :frowning: ) doily tutorial. It will teach you al the basic stitches in a relatively short space of time, it’s small enough to not be too depressing when you have to undo it all, and you will hopefully have something that more or less resembles a doily at the end of it.

(Brenda Cumming) #6

I taught crochet at Adult eduction centres for years and designed and sold my work in Harrods. Sadly now, I have arthritic hands and cannot hold the yarn and so now I paint…

(Minerva) #7

I crochet a little. I mostly do knitting, but I hope to do crochet too in the distant future.
I have a very good book with great explanations called:
Crochet step by step by Sally Harding.
I think it’s great for beginners.

(Brenda Cumming) #8

If you learn to crochet from books remember that the US terms are slightly different to the UK ones and the same applies to patterns…the stitches are the same but the names of them are different…so check if the book you are following is UK or US based.

(Natalie Ofkants) #9

Hi, I learnt to crochet watching my mum when a child, then just grabbed a hook and yarn and experimented! Today cat toys, tomorrow a masterpiece!

I can honestly say experimentation and seeing what works for you helps, not everyone works in the same way and that’s what makes it a unique and enjoyable craft! I never learnt the ‘correct’ way to crochet, I make everything up as I go along!

Have fun!

Natalie x

(Gerda Austin) #10

Hi, I taught myself when I was a teenager …many years ago . In those days their was a lot of crochet bikinis around and I wanted to make one . I learned the basic stitches from a book ( no internet in those days ) I used to practice a lot until I got it right !

Gerda x

(Amanda Robins) #11

I taught myself to crochet a few months ago via a couple of American and Canadian You Tube videos. I started learning a few stitches by making a granny square blanket. Repetition drummed the info into my head forever! I’ve always struggled with crochet before when I’ve attempted to learn using a book but found it so much easier to watch someone actually do it before my eyes. Now I’m doing a random and utterly weird freeform thing which will decide for itself what it’s going to be as it progresses. I’ve learnt a few harder stitches for this one and am repeating them all over the place.

(Christine E.) #12

I taught myself from a book when I was young, but I’ve never made anything bigger than doll’s clothes. Did anyone ever actually wear crochet bikinis, Gerda? Did you? If yes, I admire your courage!

(Gerda Austin) #13

I am a late 60s girl - lots of crochet bikinis - knitted dresses - etc. I even knitted a pair of yellow hot pants and embroidered a butterfly on the bib ! I wish now I have kept some of the items I made ! Gerda x

(Christine E.) #14

Wow! I think I’m a similar vintage to you, Gerda, and I never had the courage to wear an ordinary bikini, never mind one full of holes!

(Brenda Cumming) #15

I crocheted loads of bikinis in the 60’s…for OTHER people :wink:

(Camilla) #16

Wow, Harrods - that’s the big time. Thanks for the warning on US/UK terms too. I think I need to be brave and just pick up those hooks now…

(Camilla) #17

Thanks for the tips @Minerva and @chicita. I’ll look out for those books and tutorials. And @NOfkantsCurios I’m a bit like that with sewing - I have ways of doing things that I’m sure are totally wrong but they work for me. Maybe I’ll start with a crochet bikini like @gerdabags but make it extra small, so I can add to my cat’s dressing-up wardrobe?

(Gerda Austin) #18

I am sure your cat will look beautiful dressed up in a crochet bikini :slight_smile: xx

(Eileens Craft Studio) #19

Learning by seeing and copying is the best method to learn to crochet. I used to teach a class.

Have you tried the How To video’s on Youtube. But be aware most are by Americans who use the American terms for the stitches which are different to the UK.

(Linda Wild) #20

I taught myself from a book many years ago when pregnant with my daughter - she’s 38 now!