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List Craft theme items that are popular at fairs

I was selling at a craft fair yesterday and I was sat next to a religious lady that sold religious items like crosses from Jerusalem, books and especially angels. I was stunned to see how they flew off her stall(no pun intended) when people walked by they gasped at the joy of seeing someone that sold angel items.
The stall owner said people that have been through tough times identify with the healing power they can have and they often stop and talk to her about things that are troubling them, because she understands.

So, I hate to take away the positive healing aspect of my post, but I came way feeling that angels are a big hit at fairs.

I thought it may be an idea to make list of items with a theme that tend to sell well at fairs.

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I sell pocket notebooks & medium-sized notebooks. I sell mostly the larger ones online (I’m assuming because people have more time to think about the purchase, and also want to get the best deal for the postage cost!), but the smaller ones are by far my bestseller at craft fairs. I also always have even cheaper small items (badges, brooches, magnets, bookmarks - depending on the market) because even if it’s a really slow day, I always sell handfuls of the little things - which is good for keeping me from giving up hope of a decent sale enitrely…! :wink:

My overall themes are ‘postal’ and ‘upcycled’ so that’s probably not too much help, in terms of what I think the OP is asking - sorry! Some of the smaller items I go with mostly birds (robins are good, at this time of year) or butterflies, and they seem to work well for me. Maybe the winning formula is - like the angels - ‘things with wings’ will fly! :wink:

I find food sellers do well at fairs I attend, people always want to eat, and don’t think spending money on sweet treats a waste of money, were as they’ll think long and hard about spending the same amount £££ on a necklace or something :slight_smile: But I think food is high risk, if the fair is quiet then you can’t keep all your left over stock for the next one, like I can.

As for my best sellers; tote bags! Handy and pretty :smile:

As there’s doom and gloom in most of the news these days people want these good luck charms more than ever. I’m also betting she didn’t charge too much for her goods?

This obviously depends on the fair, but items that cost less than a tenner tend to move quicker than ones that cost more. More expensive items are seen as more of an investment so the buyer usually wants some time to decide if they want to purchase.

Angels in particular will do well at this time of year with Xmas on its way!

I was at a fair recently and there was a lady selling angels pictures, some of which were simply wings painted on a canvas, and she tucked in a ‘healing’ stone within the picture. They were very popular and people did coo at the stone element and identify with that. I think lots of people these days like ‘other worldly’ things and I guess the type of people who visit craft shows are more likely to be a bit ‘hippyish’. Not that I’m suggesting everyone who like craft fairs is a hippy, but you know what I mean - they tend to be more individualistic in their thought process!!

Hi, at this time of year my earwarmers and scarves sell well. Knitted and felted bowls also do well and I have a small order for another three from a repeat customer, which is lovely. When I’m buying at craft fairs I like buying tea cup candles and hand made cards. Liz.

Iook my more expensive items to the fair (£30 cushions etc)as I had 2 tables, but the items that old were £1 £2 or £3 each. I have 1 table next week so my less expenvie item will be all Il take.