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London correcting to 97?

Hi there, I’m a pretty new user to Folksy, and loving the site so far. I’m encountering an interesting bug when putting in where I made the item I’m listing.

I start to type London, and it comes up with a drop down menu…

But if I select London from that menu, it changes it to 97:

Is this a known issue? I couldn’t see anything about it in the forum, but maybe I’m missing something.

Bristol has been 21 for months, it’s been reported a few times so presumably it’s a known issue Paul, someone may have more info.

It is a known issue - not sure whats being done about it but meanwhile if you type the whole word rather than selecting it from the drop down list then it will stay as it should.

As Roz has said type in the whole word AND then hit the space bar once it will work. I had exactly the same problem over 6 months ago when I opened my shop.

Thanks for all the help folks, hopefully they’ll get the issue fixed eventually, and in the meantime it’s easy enough to work around. Wish me luck on Folksy!

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Hope you do well - I’ve ‘loved’ a couple of items to get you on the way. Hope to see you on the threads :smiley:

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Welcome to Folksy Paul - your jewellery is lovely, I especially like the dual pendants, fab idea. Have favourited a couple of bits and will follow your shop with interest!