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Looking for a Star-shaped Pendant

Hello there.

I have been looking for a specific pendant for a while, but i have been unable to find one that matches my specifics. I am looking for someone who could make one for me.
I am looking for a five-pointed-star-shaped pendant.
It would be about two inches or five centimetres across, and about 1.5 centimetres thick.
It must be bright yellow and opaque.
I do not mind what material it is made out of, but preferably something cheap. A type of stone or plastic would be fine.
The chain would be a basic black string of some sort, nothing expensive.
Here is a quick doodle of it.

If anyone is able to make this, I would like to know how much it would cost first.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Does it need to be 1.5cm thick? Otherwise, if I took the charm off, this is close

I saw that one when searching, but unfortunately i do need it to be thick. 1.5cm is an estimate, though. It’s meant to look like the pendant of a character i like from a webcomic.

My friend has suggested making it myself from a clay-like material that can be cooked in an oven to solidify it, I might do that.

How about on wood, when do you need it for, do too know which yellow paint you like, I have a small range of acrylic paints by Windsor and newton, and can mix those too, then lacquer it, the hlte.let needs to go through front to back with something so narrow, and lastly when do you need it for?

I do not need it for any particular date, and i want it to be pale yellow. How much would it cost?

I can make it for you in fired clay with a yellow glaze . It would cost £15.

Hi, if you like this beaded star, I can make you one. Mine has a 14 mm Swarovski crystal in the middle, but I can make it without it as well. And without the fancywork, just keeping it simple :wink:

A couple of £