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Lovely New Shops

Afternoon everyone. I’m sure there used to be a topic about this, but couldn’t find where it was.

I just wanted to post a big hello to the wonderful new shops that have joined Folksy and want to wish them all the success with their ventures. I would also like to post up some of my favourites, so I will start with this absolutely amazing shop.
Debbie’s tea cosies are absolutely stunning.

Lets spread a little Folksy love to the wonderful new shops and their owners :grinning:


Oh wow, loved those tea cosies :slight_smile:

Another great new shop
I just love glass.


Great idea, Helen! I’ve spotted some lovely things recently - like this;

in here:
Such bright and jolly fabrics!


WOW what fantastic shops @DaisyWings and @HelenCliffordArt :grinning: . Now added to my favourites. I love being able to see the new shops that have opened on the home page of Folksy.

How about these new beauties as well…
I’m a fan of Fitzygogo and it’s brilliant to see her on here. I’ve got some amazing tops by Kymberly. My fave being the Rock n Roll Rebel.


That’s a lovely idea @HelenMcCartney
I’ll have a look. You were really supportive when I joined and that was lovely.

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Have a look at Debbies shop. Lovely items!


:blush: Thanks Roxanne. That’s really lovely of you to say that.

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