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New shop opened

Hi there, I have just opened my Folksy shop- HandCraftedbyKathryn
I’m completely new to this and would appreciate any advice that you have. I know my shop is looking a little empty but I will add more items in the morning. I created my facebook yesterday (same name) but thought I’d give it a go on here too.
Thank you

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Hi there :smile:

I like your poppy bag! get a few more items in the shop and then decide where and how you are going to promote them. You are your brand, and that is what people will remember. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Welcome to folksy. One of the things I have found (and I still haven’t sorted all of mine out) is that quality photography is key especially if you want folksy to feature your work in the gift guides or pinterest boards. Its also how you show off your work to potential customers as they can’t physically handle it so it is worth spending the time on it. So (and sorry if this seems very critical) take a long, hard look at your photos - to me they look like there is a colour cast (every thing is yellowy) and folksy crops everything to square so you are loosing the the tops of the brooches and bottom of the bag in the shop front thumb nails. Folksy also prefer things on a white background for gift guides etc. Took me a long time to realise these things and then had to rephotograph, recrop and then edit 100 + listings so worth getting right early on (I still haven’t fixed all of the early photographs).
Be prepared to spend a lot of time promoting your work, a lot more than you think you will have to, but remember to have fun.


Hi, welcome to folksy. I agree with the above posts. I’m still trying to get my pictures looking better. There’s lots of friendly advice and tips on here. Good luck with your venture. Liz

Hi love your flower brooches very pretty. Wishing you lots of luck with your new adventure. Debbie x

Thank you for your input it’s much appreciated. Hope to upload more photos this evening to get some items in my shop.