Folksy Ltd

Loving browsing at all the wonderful talent - what an array of skills!

Just to say I feel very privileged to be part of such a wonderful array of gorgeous products ! Which shops should I visit - please share your suggested favourites !

KR Jules


Thank you

You had some pretty upcylced pieces in your shop however I don’t think we can have listings up that say SOLD and you can’t put up a price then say contact you for a quote on shipping and say shipping is only an estimate.

If someone pays you can’t then ask for more moneys.

Your wire peg basket did you make the wire basket as you can’t sell something you haven’t made expect for crafting supplies. If you have made the wire basket you need to say so in the listing.

Hope that helps and all the best

Thanks for your comments

Eileen - I want to be able to deliver within a radius because I want to deliver personally. I put a figure in the shipping because if I put 0.00 it would be misleading I thought. What can I do instead ?

Eileen your shop is lovely ! When I can post I do so !

I have great fun browsing other people’s shops when I put together my ‘folksy friday’ pinterest boards - maybe you would like to join in with that? People share their favourite finds from other people’s shops on social media - each friday you’ll find a new thread on the forum with the theme but you can choose your own and then pop a link to your pinterest board/ blog/ whatever and admin put together a round up of them all/ retweet etc (use the #folksyfriday for that). Here are a few shops that have caught my eye (I want a duck, I can’t afford a duck :sob:) (zombie penguins are my favourite but then I saw the sloths…) (if I bothered with christmas trees I’d have her baubles)
but this is all my own weird personal taste and as you say there are plenty to choose from. Enjoy your browsing.

Thank you Sasha, I will have a look at your favourites ! Not sure how to use Pinterest Still learning ATM. Jules

I know what some sellers of large items do is find a courier service something like Hermes and ask them to for a quote for the item weight and size including packing.

Then they add more on top just in case it’s not quite enough but say in their listings if it the shipping is cheaper than quoted I will refund the difference via a partial paypal refund.

I’ve done partial postage refunds to customers before when I got something to post office and I was charged a lot less than I charged my customer. I do add a wee few pennies to cover my packing materials.

I hope that helps as you can always do a partial refund if you’ve found you’ve charged too much but you can’t ask for more monies once the customer has paid and you don’t want to have to sell one of your lovely items and find your profits been eaten into because you didn’t charge enough for shipping.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Eileen - I have now put shipping to zero and then said in description to ask for quote. No easy answer to this - but as a newbie I very much appreciate your help and ideas !!! I have taken them all on board :smiley:

I would put the most expensive shipping price with the message if shipping costs less a shipping partial refund will be given.

Just in case someone expects to get free shipping.

Thanks for your advice Jules