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(Susan Bonnar) #1

Still a couple of spaces left to book a day for next week
Why should you book?

  1. It’s a great low cost way to get people to your Folksy shop!
  2. On Twitter this week we had 182K views - you will be part of that!
  3. Our Pinterest Boards now generate sales via Twitter
  4. Stumbleupon Review is another great way of getting your name out there
  5. You get a photo on FB with a shop link and an @name building your own facebook presence, likers, network.
  6. Featured shops generally get good traffic, often sales, occasionally huge trade orders!
  7. It will be (honestly) the best £2.50 you invest in your Business next week!
    Dottie x

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #2

Thank you Dottie! Have had a look and am going to give it a bash! Mx

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #3

Ohh! Ohh! So excited! Have done ‘Flowers & Plants’ and ‘Early Festive Spirit’…Will let you all know how it goes! Thanks again Dottie! xx

(Susan Bonnar) #4

Thanks @MaggieGeeNeedleworkStudio Your work is beautiful! Look forward to promoting you!

(Suzanne Francis) #5

I’ve just booked up for the 14th oct open day, I could do with some extra promotion! thanks for the reminder :smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Sue @dottiedesigns are you allowed to advertise a paid for service on the forum’s of Folksy I thought it was against the Terms and Conditions of useage.

You are not offering an item for sale from a folksy shop but a service which I believe we are not able to offer on folksy either by our folksy shop or the Folksy forum.

(Liz Dyson) #7

I’m sure British Crafters is welcome here, it’s working to promote handmade crafts and a lot of the people on there will be sending interest back to Folksy, so it can’t hurt us.

Dotty, I want to get 5 days but I can’t seem to fit into a full week, can I get 5 days and still get the discount if it is taken over a couple of weeks? Can’t blame a girl for asking. Thanks.


(Susan Bonnar) #8

Thank you Suzanne @WashedandFound I love your shop!

(Susan Bonnar) #9

@EileensCraftStudio Wow! Probably not then! Mind you via me people get a lot of sales in their Folksy shops with people often making the Best Sellers list after a week with us so Folksy make quite a lot of money from the promotions too. If I get told off or the thread gets deleted then I guess the answer is no!

(Susan Bonnar) #10

@lizdyson You can pick the Any 5 days option which allows you to spread over as lond a perios as you like, picking the days that suit you.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

Okies I wasn’t sure, hope you don’t mind me asking. As you do a great job with your promotions :smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #12

@EileensCraftStudio Of course I don’t mind and I am very law abiding so will drop them an email to check it’s ok x

(Dawn Sneesby) #13

Keep up the good work Sue and British Crafters, you bring a lot of promotion for Folksy and individual artists. When I had slots with you my views were best they have ever been. Will be booking more.

(Birdandmonkey) #14

I’ve just booked a slot (well I hope I have!) exciting.

(Julie) #15

Dottie, I sent you a Folksy PM this morning - would like your input before I decide what promo to go for.

Thanks, Julie

(Susan Bonnar) #16

Thanks @dawnsneesbyjewellery - your work is beautiful and very easy to promote!

(Susan Bonnar) #17

@Birdandmonkey All done - have emailed you the details through!

(Susan Bonnar) #18

@NightOwlCreative Just replied! Sorry for the delay - I don’t seem to get any emails from Folksy anymore!

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #19

I’ve been really pleased! 3 sales, lots of traffic, Likes and some lovely comments!! Have booked another day before the Festive promo and will use BC loads!'Can’t recommend enough!!! X

(Susan Bonnar) #20

@MaggieGeeNeedleworkStudio I am so glad that you enjoyed yesterday & thank you for booking more! x