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New crafty tv channel

Usually I spend most of the day getting ideas form the create and craft channel but found a new one the other day. Channel 63, freeview Community channel. It had a programme on it called Crafty Beggers showing how to make a photo slide lampshade and other stuff. That programme is on each weekday. Just thought I mention it for anybody interested.

There is also a new craft channel being launched in September. Many of the presenters are ex QVC,


Cool, I shall keep a look out.

Do we know what channel they would be on cable?

I haven’t seen anything about that yet…I am following them on Facebook so if I find out I will post here…


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heard there were some new channels coming.
lets hope they bring us some new idea. Sorry but getting very boarded with C&C.

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Ive just discovered another new channel. Channel 39/The Store. Ive only seen 2 shows but it had Chloe on it with her chunky glitter and wow powders and a lady from the Sewing Bee. I don’t like the setting, the place sounds echoing, presenters arnt as good as C&C and camera work is awful, but its worth a go.

Today was their first day of broadcasting I think, certainly the first day I’ve seen anything on that channel as I regularly skip past it to shout at the jewellery being sold on the next channel.

Haha! Why? is it awful?

As its their first day, Il forgive their teething problems.

Is this a different one?..there is one that is supposed to start broadcasting on Sept 14th, with presenters from QVC…

Yes…this is a different one called ‘Hochanda’.
‘The Craft Channel’ is the one starting in September with quite a few QVC presenters.


thank you Kim…enough to confuse and oldie like me…lol

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Its the bling factor that gets me (solitaire rings should have a single stone not a single big stone and a mass of tiny diamonds - the clue is in the name argh! why do they feel the need to put diamonds with everything) but at least the rocks look like quality. Some of the other jewellery channels (and jewellery maker channel in particular) have me shouting at the tv as they are selling rocks that are highly included, have washy colour, dodgy drill holes or have been treated to within an inch of their lives (but at least they admit to that bit) yet they make out that they are the bees knees.
Sometimes its good to have a rant at the telly - it stops me doing it at real people.

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I watched a bit of it when I came across it accidentally - the sets need improving, and the sound quality which was a bit echoey, hopefully they will be improve. I do watch create and craft sometimes, but there is too much emphasis on dies and paper crafting on there.

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Every time I turn on C&C it is dies, dies and more dies, so I now turn off…I hope the new channel and the other one that starts on Sept 14th will have some more variety to offer.

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I caught a bit of the Hochanda channel this morning. The picture quality was so bad it looked like someone had filmed it on their phone!!

I agree, it sounds like its filmed in a cave and there are no close ups. Nice ot see some of the C&C regulars selling there tho.

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Sounds like they have sorted out the echoey sound.