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Mammogram recall - just need to offload really

Having just been recalled after my first mammogram for further tests, I’m going out of my mind with worry.
Terrified doesn’t begin to describe it.

And I was just wondering if any of the lovely Folksy ladies have gone through similar, and how they coped with the waiting and fear of the unknown?

Sarah x

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Big hugs to you, Sarah. Yes, I have been through it. If you are like me, you will be plagued with negative thoughts, and no amount of being told to ‘be positive’ will stop it. But just keep in mind that, if you do need treatment (and you may not), the sooner you receive it, the better.

I found that working on my creative projects and trying to stick to a normal routine helped, but everyone is different. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and reassurance if you need it. The hospital should be able to put you in touch with voluntary groups local to you where you can speak to others who have been through ‘the process’.

I hope that you get your results quickly. Let us know how you get on.


Julia x


Hi Sarah,

This happened to me about 5 years ago now, I got the recall letter on New Years Eve, worse new year I had ever had. Luckily, the follow up examination was only a few days later. I had another mammogram and then the lady doctor did a ultra sound scan and she said everything was fine so didn’t have to have a biopsy. My friend had a recall, had the ultrasound and a biopsy but everything was still ok.

3 years later when I had my next mammogram everything was fine again. I’m sure everything will be ok for you Sarah so try not to worry. I know that is easier said than done but I’m sure everything will be fine.


@FireHorseTextiles @dawnsneesbyjewellery thank you so much for the kind words and advice.
The follow up tests are Monday morning, but the hardest part is the dwelling and not knowing and fear of the unknown sine the letter arrived.

But talking about it definitely helps.


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Sorry to hear you’re going through this Sarah. I know it’s impossible not to worry but try to stay positive. I haven’t been through this exact situation but I did have a lump in my breast many years ago and had to have mammograms and a biopsy. I too was extremely worried but in the end, thankfully, all was fine. Many many investigations turn out to be nothing sinister and mammograms can often be difficult to interpret. Sending you big hugs and lots of positive wishes. xx

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I had a scare a few years back. I’d been through treatment for a tumour and so the hospital were keeping an eye on me and sticking me through an MRI every so often to check that it wasn’t coming back. One year they did it and a shadow had appeared, realising this would be extremely stressful to me once they had told me they rushed through the next scan as soon as possible which left me with thankfully just a couple of days of randomly bursting into tears on people (who were all very understanding about it and a packet of emergency biscuits and tissues ended up in someone’s draw for when it happened). Turned out the shadow was just some scar tissue that showed up with their new more powerful MRI but hadn’t shown up on the old machine. When nothing had changed after a decade they decided I was boring and gave me the all clear.
Imagining technology has improved massively over the years so we can see far more than we used to (as well as being the one being imaged I used to work in pharma so saw lots of images as a result) but human interpretation hasn’t kept up and they would rather get people back in to double check than risk it as lumps are much easier to treat if caught early.
Sending you long distance positive energy in case it helps.


I hope all goes well and there is nothing to worry about. Waiting to hear for results to do with our health is always terrifying and we think of the worst. Take a day at a time…there might be nothing bad!

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Try not to panic Sarah - far easier said than done I know. I had the same before Christmas and can empathise with how you’re feeling. I was one of the lucky ones, for which I’m so grateful, although I did have to havelots more scans and a biopsy. When I confided in a few friends I was surprised at how many had also been recalled for a variety of reasons.
As Julia says, I found getting on with my creative bits and bobs helpful and distracting.
Hope you will let us know how you get on. Sending you lots of positive vibes. Chris

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@PocketfulCreations @SashaGarrett @BelaFarCrafts @Justtosay thank you so much for all your kind words.
I just want the tests over with now so I can have a definitive result, one way or the other, which I should get tomorrow.

Sarah xx


Sarah. I’m thinking of you. It’s best they are overly cautious. Try and do something nice today to try and take your mind off things. A nice lavender bath Relaxing music, chocolate! Although I haven’t gone through exactly the same. I have had a very major op 5 years ago. Am still here causing cahos! You are stronger than you think. Hopefully everything will be okay. We are here for you too. X

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Dear Sarah, I do hope the results are ‘normal’ today. That you find the answers to all your questions. My bit of advice is write your niggles down so you can ask the nurses, you will forget in the fluster of things, obvs I do hope I haven’t butted into this thread too late.
Please keep us all informed, I think your band of Folksy sisters are all praying for you xx


Thinking of you today lovely Sarah @thesherbetpatch and hoping you receive good news.

Big hugs
Natalie xxx


Good luck for this morning Sarah, hope everything goes well for you. xx


I hope your tests go ok today. I’m thinking of you, as are many of us folksy’s by the looks of it. As far as I can tell I’m the only woman in my family who hasn’t needed tests and lumps to be removed. I know it’ll come one day. The women in my family are fine though, nothing nasty just benign things to be removed. The doctors said it’s very common. Your mind automatically goes to the worst case scenario and it’s hard not to worry. I’m hoping for good news for you today x

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I cannot begin to know what you are feeling at the moment. I had a recall on a cervical smears some years ago and I remember sitting on the steps of the hospital crying my eyes out. All I can say is my thoughts are with you at this time, my grandmother always used to say prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You are not alone I am sure many of the people on Folksy will be with you through this.
Much love to you Jacqui

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I hope everything went well today Sarah @thesherbetpatch


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Thank you so much ladies for all your support and kind words…it means so much xx

As an update, it wasn’t great news but it could also have been a lot worse.
I went straight from extra mammagrams to a biopsy with 8 samples taken…pretty brutal really, as they had me clamped in the mammo machine’s vice like grip throughout the whole thing!

They found micro calcifications on one side, which have been sent off for analysis to see if hey’re benign or pre cancer cells - I get the results back on Friday.

Strangely, now that I know what I’m dealing with I feel so much calmer than I did during the awful not knowing stage between receiving a call back and the actual appointment.

And once again, thank you so, so much for all the wonderful support xxx


Sending you hugs - what a horrible time for you x

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Hello Sarah, I know exactly how you feel, now you have got your head out the ‘unknowing’ spin, and Friday will soon be here. When you are with the experts, who see and deal with all our lumps and bumps on a daily basis they make it seem all so routine. They are all so calm. If possible take someone with you on Friday, so that 2 brains have heard all that gets said. Take a list of questions.
I say all this because last December I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 4weeks later 28th Dec 16 I had surgery followed by radiotherapy. Christmas just gone I had the one year all clear. The surgeon explained everything so well, the McMillan nurses were on hand, on the phone, 24/7. I was never in pain. I had such wonderful support. They answered all the questions my daughter had for them.
1 in 8 of women will have breast cancer and 97+% carry on to live until very old age.
I hope your calcifications are benign. But if you are struggling to get your head round it, phone them and talk to them. They won’t think you are mad! Just normal.
Your Folksy sister Suzzie xx