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Mammogram recall - just need to offload really

(Helen Healey) #41

So sorry to hear that the news wasn’t what you’d hoped for Sarah. I’d just like to echo the good wishes of everyone else on the thread. I’m sure we’ll all be there for you through your journey as a source of support, if needed. Sending love and hugs.

(Thedotterypotter) #42

Hi Sarah - I’ve been following your thread and I’m so sorry that it wasn’t better news. Try and be really kind to yourself right now. If you can’t cope with the enormity of it all, try and deal with things in little bite sized chunks and take all the support you can. We are always here to listen. Sending you loads of love and strength xxx

(Minerva) #43

I’m sorry about the news…I hope you find the strength to deal with things one at a time. Don’t be harsh on yourself, you’ve done a few things right. You got yourself checked and caught it early. I hope all goes well for you and definitely keep us posted. There is a lot of support for you. Lots of hugs! :hugs:

(Thecraftycurioshop) #44

Not the news any of us wanted to hear. Like many I have been keeping an eye on this thread and keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck with your treatment and try to keep positive. xxx

(Roxanne Levy) #45

Sarah, I’m so sorry. sending you big hugs and positive thoughts. One day at a time. xx

(Carrie ) #46

Hi Sarah. I’m sure you’re still processing. Hope today’s a good day for you.
Sending virtual snowdrops, early daffodils and spring sunshine x

(Justtosay) #47

So many good wishes here and I just wanted to add mine.
I’m very sorry it wasn’t all as straightforward as you hoped. I think you’re right about the waiting being the worst bit; once treatment is underway the end of it will be in sight and you can start planning to get on with life with renewed vigour I should think!
Like so many people here, I will be thinking about you and wishing you all the very best.
Chris x

(Sarah Eves) #48

Thank you :slight_smile:
The support and kind words I am getting here is amazing and I really do appreciate it.

After getting the news I didn’t want to hear on Friday I had a rocky few days, but by Sunday afternoon I thought I’d turned a corner…until the nurse phoned yesterday with a lymph node ultrasound and hopefully-not-biopsy booked in for tomorrow.
So I made the mistake of overusing Doctor Google.
Every appointment so far has felt like a body blow so I’m hoping for good news tomorrow!

Sarah xx

(Maureen Laurenson) #49

I would just like to add my best wishes to you Sarah.
Try and stay strong and take each step as it comes along on your road to recovery.
Good luck for tomorrow.
Maureen x

(Brenda Cumming) #50

sending healing vibes for a quick and easy recovery xx

(Dawn Sneesby) #51

Hope you get good news tomorrow Sarah, we’re all rooting for you.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #52

Be strong, we are all with you today
Suzzie xx

(Claire Woodhead) #53

Sending best wishes Sarah x

(Justtosay) #54

Dr Google can be a hideous thing - I can’t bear to look.
That sense of being at the beck and call of the hospital is also truly awful, even though logic tells you it’s all for the best and even though everyone there is usually lovely.
I don’t know you, but honestly feel for you and really hope you can have your mind put at rest soon.
xxx Chris

(Thedotterypotter) #55

Thinking of you today xxx

(Sarah Eves) #56

Thank you so much xx

Well, I was hoping today would be the last tick in the box diagnosis wise, but they found a dodgy lymph node.
The official term was ‘‘chunky’’

On the positive side the rest looked normal, but this one was biopsied and I have to wait till Monday for the results.

Anything lymph node related terrifies me.

(Helen Healey) #57

Sorry to hear that didn’t go as positively as it could. I’m keeping everything crossed that the biopsy result comes back as normal. Try to stay strong and remember that we’re all here for you. x

(Sue Mellem) #58

Only just seen this thread Sarah and caught up with what you’e going through.

Wishing you all the best possible with your results on a Monday xx

(Diane Keeble) #59

I’m only just catching up with your news Sarah - it sounds like you have been through a stressful time - the waiting for results is always so difficult. I really hope things progress well from here xx

(Sarah Eves) #60

Well, today brought the first bit of good news…my lymph node biopsy was clear!!!