Folksy Ltd

Market research. Can we search for items that have sold?

I’m new to Folksy and want to do some Market research before I start up a shop.
Is it possible to search Folksy and filter by items that have sold, like you can on (shhh) ebay and etsy? So you can see what sells and what kind of prices?

Not sure that its possible but then I didn’t think it was possible on et*y either. (How do you do it?)

As far as I know there is no way of searching for sold items. You could try having a search for items like what you are planning on selling and seeing how many items the shop has sold - going to be highly inaccurate but it will give you an idea into how much competion you will have and what sort of prices they are hoping to achieve.
Good luck

Within shops you can look at their sold items ( if they have not deleted them), but there is no way of doing a general search.