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Searching low to high prices in folky search

hi! im doing a bit of xmas shopping on folksy and its great when looking for little items on the main folksy pages to view the search results from low to high prices, but when i click and go into a shop i can’t see an option to view items in this order. Is there a way or isnt there an option to do this within a shop, which would seem a bit odd.

I’ve looked for this option too and can’t find a way of doing it. I know you can on etsy but I don’t think you can on Folksy. Unless someone knows better?

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As far as I am aware there is no way to search within an individual shop. Really could do with one sometimes especially when I’m out at a Christmas fair and have sold something which needs removing from my Folksy shop, quickly !


Thankyou, shame there isnt an option, because when you know you budget, its a nightmarre trawling through a well stocked shop x

To try to make searching for cheaper items easier I’ve set up a gifts under £5.

I have 6 collections and I need all of them. I won’t have more as I like the collections as a neat full single line at the top so I am stuck with the 6 collections I already have. More than one line I feel pushes my actual listings too far down the page and also I don’t want the same photo showing against more than one collection so each listing normally only gets assigned to one collection.
I do have problems finding my own things as a Folksy search for something specific of mine will invariably also intelligently decide I want to see lots of other things as well. I have to use very creative tagging if I want to group things together so I can bring them all up together.