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Mini sewing machine advice please

(Ellie Whitehead) #1

I am looking to buy a small sewing machine that I can take to craft fairs. I have seen the John Lewis one that retails about £50 but the reviews are very mixed. I wondered if anyone else has experience of these small sewing machines.

I already have a normal machine that I use at home, but I don’t really want to take it to fairs.

Thank you!


(Ema Hossain) #2

I saw the Ikea one being used on TV by the Great Interior Design Challenge contestants, maybe because of it’s portability, they used it to make things like cushions and curtains
I am not sure of these machines, but I think they are ok for light use.

(Minerva) #3

I have seen these…I’ve been contemplating buying one for small things that can help with my work. They look so cute in bright, happy colors…maybe I should shop around too.

(Ellie Whitehead) #4

Thank you! I saw a janome one at hobby craft today for £50. I might look at the IKEA one though

(Ellie Whitehead) #5

I ended up buying the Ikea one and it is excellent. Just bought it for taking to craft fairs so it will have its first outing next week. Here’s hoping for enough sales to pay for it!!
Thanks for your help x