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New sewing machine help

(Oh Button Me) #1

Like the title says i would like to get a new sewing machine i currently have a cheap basic brother machine which has been perfect.

I would personally like to get another brother machine but would like some advice. I’ve found one I like which is Brother Innov-Is 55 has anyone seen one or got one? Views?

If not what machine have you got and would recommended?


(Melanie Commins) #2

I’m a Pfaff fan myself. But I really think buying a new sewing machine is a lot like buying a new car. You can read all the specs but it’s not until you get behind the wheel that you’ll know whether or not that machine is for you. :slight_smile:

(Lois Bell) #3

I’d advise you, same as Melanie, to test drive them. Are you close enough to a sewing machine shop to do that? If you’re not, it might be worth booking a trip, depending on how much you intend to spend. Under a hundred quid, I’m guessing they’re all much of a muchness, but past a few hundred, it all gets down to how you enjoy working on it.

(Marg) #4

I’ve got the innov-is 55. It took some getting use to, I previously had a 40 year old singer electric, which was very basic.

I have played with it and now feel very confident with it, there is an excellent manual, where I look regularly just to make sure I am doing the right thing with the different feet.

The only draw back I have found is the monogramming. I thought I would be able to personalise gift bags, but the size of the letters is too small, it’s ok for say very small items, i.e. I put “Lavender” across my lavender bags, but it’s too small to say put the initials on a gym bag.

I have found the eyelet worked when I first used it, but now the circle is not meeting up. I contacted Brother Help, and they gave me some instructions, but it’s still not working correctly, I will have to look into it further when I have the time.

Sorry about the long missive, but it’s best to get all the opinions you can before you spend a large amount on a new machine.

(Lois Bell) #5

Marg, it sounds like it needs a wee tune up and a service You’ve maybe knocked the timing out slightly by hitting a pin or something. I’ve done that with my Brother NX600 somehow. The fancy stitches no longer align correctly, but I don’t use them much, if at all, so I haven’t bothered getting it sorted.

(Marg) #6

Thanks Lois, I might have done something like that, because I am always sewing over pins, (naughty me). But it sews OK for what I want so I will leave it for now. Might get hubby to have a look at it because it is now out of guarantee. But I do love it and would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a new machine.

(Oh Button Me) #7

Thank you all for your replys

Yes @Beledien I hated buying my car aswell haha I’m so undecided :blush:

@Beesandblossoms I think my local shop my have this one on display will have to have a look.

@memicrafts thank you for your review on it it looks very fancy :smile:

Think I will have another look and see what’s about.