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More About Citronella Oil for Summer

So you saw the one about it keeping flying things away from your BBQ.
Well what about keeping cats away from your prized plants? Cats seem to hate citronella. A few drops soaked into an old tea bag and the tea bag placed on guard by a plant, and your cats will keep away!

We also have several natural pesticides featuring neem ( from the tree elephants rub against to help deter flies) which help protect your plants but there are a wide range available if you google search. Obviously I love mine but I think Mystic Moments and Naissance will also have it and they both sell on here.

Who would have ever thought of sentinel tea bags lol


Hi Steve @Mothernaturesgoodies - bit of a random question but is there an oil that could help deter flies away from a rabbit hutch? We clean out our bunnies everyday but there is still a slight smell (especially in the hot weather) and I have seen a couple of flies buzzing around, which makes me worried re fly strike. Could some oil help to deter flies safely from this area?? The bunnies roam in an area about 8 foot at its widest and 6 foot at its narrowest, fully paved with a pergola overhead (newly planted). It’s about 20 foot long. The hutch is at the widest point. Would say hanging something with oil in it from one or more of the pergola cross bars help to keep flies away??

To be truthful I dont know. Hanging something would help but its a big area and ideally it would be better vapourised, for example in a burner of an electronic aroma diffuser. Otherwise you would get local help most probably but not along the length of the run. I googled it and there was nothing helpful.

My instinct is that our Bug be Gone would help but the issue is how to diffuse it. If you have an outdoor electric socket i would invest in an aroma diffuser. We sell then for £20-£25 depending on style but am sure others on here will have them, or Ebay might have cheaper imported ones. Then use our Bug b Gone or just citronella.


before you spend any money, buy yourself a cheap- citronella candle and just see if it keeps the flies at bay. if yes, then its worth investing in the diffuser,

Whilst i was researching this, I came across a site that deals with oils and rabbits…[]

Worth a read. They talk about electronic diffusers

Another site suggested tea tree ( well diluted would be good for scrubbing out

Hope this heps

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Thanks @Mothernaturesgoodies - much appreciated. I’ll have a go at the citronella candle I think - of course, today the weather has turned and we had hail (??!) but I think it is worth experimenting. :slight_smile:

yes it would be a good first step to see if something in the air, spread over that size hutch will do the trick.

But irrespective of that and where you buy it from, I do think the tea tree wash was a good idea form Penny.
Good luck. he is clearly a lucky rabbit lol.

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Yes, I will try that too for sure. They are indeed lucky bunnies - here’s a pic of Snowy and Fluffy (I’ll leave you to guess which is which lol!)… :joy:

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fluffy looks like a lion LOl

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