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I think I have teenage mutant ninja slugs!

Remember I said I had indoor slugs? Yukky, yuk YUK!!

Well,I can’t shift the little blighters. I must have bought very unappealing slug pellets because the little devils just slime on past them and leave their horrid, yukky trails all over my living room carpet.

Any other suggestions, when pellets don’t work?


Beer or copper? I see little trails of slime around the patio doors in the morning but they haven’t managed their way in, yet!

I’ve tried beer but they ignore that too. And other than getting up every night to pick them off the floor (I did that once) I have no idea what to do. Given that I start work at 7am, getting up every night is not an appealing thought as I’m grumpy if I don’t sleep.

Suggestion from my son (not for the faint-hearted, but it might work) - put salt round all the gaps where they might come in!

Or get a cat…

We used salt when we had them in the kitchen, not sure what it did but we are at the moment (touch wood) slug free, there was no evidence of dead slugs but the slime trails haven’t been back. It didn’t happen overnight but other than clearing up the salt wasn’t too much of a nuisance.

I have also been told copper - apparently you can buy a copper tape and it causes some kind of reaction with the slime so they don’t like to cross it. You would need to work out where they are coming in for that though I suppose. Good luck!

Same thing as happens with salt, but salt is cheap!
Either way, it’s a bit gross… but it should get rid of - or deter - the slugs.

Salt will ruin your carpet. you need to catch them and get rid of them, an upturned hollowed out grapefruit might work according to my mum the garden - yuk yuk yuk

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