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Citronella. great for BBQ's

You probably all know this, but a few drops of citronella in an oil burner near the BBQ, keeps all sorts of pesky flying things away. Obviously we sell the organic one in our shop bu where you buy it isnt the point. The point is that its LOADS cheaper than buying citronella candles at your BBQ supplies store. Or no doubt someone sells great value candles on here you could try.
For ants on the floor, try neat peppermint oil. They seam to hate it.
For noisy neighbours…


I’ve just favourited your shop. What a lovely selection.
I recently discovered pure Tea Tree Oil is brilliant for blitzing mould & mildew. Much better than using chemicals :blush:

All the best with your shop


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Peppermint oil also keeps the house spider out they hate it. We didn’t have 1 scurrying across the floor this year. I use 1 squeezed lemon neat to clean the shower with and my taps shine like new.

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Neat tea tree oil also gets rid of head lice!

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Thanks Karen
tea tree is a great oil. Anti fungal, anti viral and antiseptic. But try lemon tea tree for the cleaning type issues. Its every bit as good as normal tea tree but smells fantastic. I think we offer it on here in our Select ( blue bottle 0 range but if not I can add it if you ever want some as we stock it.

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My wife puts an acorn in each corner of the room to keep spiders away. it works but no idea why.
Yes most creepy crawlies seem to hate peppermint. Tip. If you use it for this sort of purpose, but the cheaper peppermint arvensis rather than piperita. Its about half the price. We don’t list it on folksy yet but will do shortly or it you ever want any let me know and I can list it straight away. Piperita is stronger, more pungent and greater intensity but it doesn’t seam to matter to insects which one you use. Both seem equally effective.
for flying things our Bug B Gone works well and can be diluted to pop on skin to help keep mosquitoes at bay.


We do an organic head lice treatment that is100% natural and has some tea tree in it from memory. We tend to use lemon tea tree as it smells a little nicer and costs abut the same. Its in our kids range. We havnt listed on here yet. So much to do
I also think there is a touch of neem in there, which lice hate. I can send oyu details if you ever need them and its a pretty easy blend oyu could make yourself

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There is an insect that loves peppermint! The mint moth. But they are so pretty, you probably wouldn’t want to keep them away!

Sam x

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Oops. I’m pretty good with oils but clearly not with moths!

But you get the gist lol. the other repellent is neem but its a bit smelly. having said that we sell loads of it.

On the subject of smelly things, we have a great offer running this weekend. Spend £40 in our shop and get an essential oil reed diffuser, oil and reeds for free. Worth £14.99. its our brand new one and is a blend of four oils, in a natural wheat based carrier.

Just liked your shop


I have a friend who puts conkers in her rooms to keep spiders away. Loving your oil blends and have just been tempted with two bottles, I can certainly see me returning for more, I’m a great believer in the properties of essential oils and to have them ready blended is wonderful.

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Ooooo I learnt a lot reading all your comments, I’m going to try some of these, I have used citronella during BBQ’s but didn’t know about the other items, defo try the mint !!!

Thanks for all the tips

Sue x

There is an oil for just about anything so if you are ever stuck, just drop me a note. Over the weekend I will try and list a different grade of citronella that is a little less expensive and perfect for BBQ type use. The ones listed here currently are audi ( organic) and rolls Royce ( Select). So I will add our Therapeutic Range which is a solid Ford. ( dont you love car analogies lol).Not sure how many oils we do in total but it must be 800 ish.Just havnt listed them all yet!!

Love the shop. Very eclectic. Just favourited.

Worth a look at our Bug B Gone essential Oil blend in the store as it sort of covers most eventualities. We take it everywhere on holiday.


Thanks Steve for this information, I really appreciate, have a great day