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My Biggest Fan is

I’ve just received my Folksy weekly Email and have never noticed the my biggest fan section. So thought it would be fun if we gave a shout out to our biggest fan of the week if they are a seller on here.

So mine this week was the lovely @JackBentleyKnitwear


Nice one, You’re welcome @OhButtonMe, My biggest fan was GoRadLou, thank you @GoRadLou

@JackBentleyKnitwear You have been busy this week as you were my biggest fan too!! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at and favourite some of my items xx

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You are very welcome x

My biggest fan this week was @bestdresseddolly
Thanks Jan, it’s much appreciated

My biggest fan of the week is Karen @silvertreejewellerydesign :blush:

Thank you so much Karen :grin:

Karen :trophy:

You’re welcome🙂

My biggest fan this week is @JollySmall, a lovely lady who knits lovely little garments for babies & young children & still finds time to take a look at & favourite my items. Thank you x

Thank you @bestdresseddolly your dolls clothes are really cute and well made. I wish I had someone to buy them for!!! :grinning:

My biggest fan was @bestdresseddolly thank you Janet :slight_smile:

Aw shucks - thanks Karen @karenscraftybitz :blush: You’re right I am a big fan - I’ve never seen polymer clay used in such imaginative ways, it’s a real treat for the eyes :slight_smile:

Thanks too for directing me to this thread - I didn’t realise I could say thanks to the people that support me in such a nice way :+1:

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My biggest fan was Esme in Stitches. There’s some lovely patchwork quilts in this shop.

Awww I’m actually blushing. :blush: @silvertreejewellerydesign

Mine was also Miranda from @JackBentleyKnitwear !! I love your pixie hoods!!

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Thank you DewDrop, I have been a busy bee, glad you like my pixie hoods :grinning:

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Okay, I must be a bit dim because I can’t find it! :confused:

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Hi Linda,

If you click on your dashboard and then down the left hand side you will see Shop Activity which is highlighted in red.

Ah, so you work out for yourself who your biggest fan is, I sort of got the impression that they were saying “hey look, this person is your biggest fan this week”. Definitely having a dim day … I’m blaming the heat … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your not the only one who was wondering where this section was @wildrosedesigns. It had me baffled until now.

Linda @wildrosedesigns and Pauline @PaulinesCrafts the email that you get from the folksy robot which tells you about all the activity in your shop will tell you at the bottom who your biggest fan is for the previous week saving you from working it out. That email came through to me on monday and gmail files it into the promotions folder but yours might file it differently.