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My photo and quote on BBC Breakfast

I emailed BBC Breakfast yesterday, as they were discussing about planting a 1000 trees in the National Forest as part of a new initiative, called the #BreakfastWoodland. Last week was the 5th anniversary of Helen aka Big Bird passing away, and as she loved trees I went out to Trosley in Kent to remember her; it’s where we used to walk as a family when I was younger. I took some photos whilst there and emailed a couple to BBC Breakfast.

The producer emailed me back, asking if I’d be available for interview today, which I couldn’t do, so they asked if they could use my photo and quote, which I was happy with.

You can see it here on their Facebook page - photo and quote is 29secs in.

(The photo is of a viewpoint at Trosley, looking out over the Pilgrims Way towards the North Downs in Kent.)

I’m a bit chuffed to have been included in their montage. :slight_smile:


Wow! great, how lovely for your memories to be included in their montage :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Beautiful. Lovely photo. xxx

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Thanks @DaisyWings and @plumporridge - I wasn’t even using my DSLR - this was with my iPhone! Just caught it at the right time with the lighting I think.

It was lovely for my parents, twin sister, brother and other family members to see it too. Helen may be gone but her memory is very much alive.

well done Liz!
Love trees & woodland too.
My playing ground was The Queen’s Park Edinburgh.
I live in Lancs. now after living in CapeTown for 27yrs.
We have been back in Uk 6 yrs now & while in s.Africa all those yrs.
I missed the Uk Hedges Hedgehogs Rabbits Squirrels & Greenery,
and even Buttercups & Daisies.
so great to hear of conservation & new growth here.
lv the other Liz :slight_smile:

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