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My September resolution

I’ve made a mid (well quite late actually) year resolution in that I’m going to make and list something new every day in September!

Now it may be a bit of a tall order giving that I have a day job as well :flushed: but I’m going to give it my best shot!!

So today’s listing is this little piece of gorgeousness:

… lets see if I can make it to the end of the month eh? :wink:


Hi @Dayzee
Why don’t you come and join us at the daily listers thread :slight_smile:

Donna x

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Thanks Donna. :smile:

I get a bit confused with all the different ‘list your items here’ topics in the showcase category and don’t want to double post my links everywhere as it’s not good forum etiquette.

Day two… and item number two! :smiley:

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Day three… :blush:

Love making these… :heart_eyes:

Cutting it fine with this one! :blush:

And something a little different for today…

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A bit earlier with today’s listing! :blush:

Super early with this one… Need to list before I start my day job! :joy:

Some lovely blue earrings for today! :heart_eyes:

Don’t you realise you’ll get more views in the thread suggested above? It’s easy to post, just post one listing a day at the end of the thread.

Hi Nicky

Thanks for your concern but please rest assured that I do realise the daily listings challenge topic gets more overall views (however I have a feeling that the figures are a red herring as the majority will be from sellers posting their listings and looking back at them rather than actual interested buyers) and yes I have partaken in posting to the thread in the past when it was the old style forums, which some of us old timers would remember, so I am aware of how it works… :wink:

But, this is my personal challenge, so for the purposes of conducting a bit of research and experimentation, I’m happy to play over here in my own little sandpit on this occasion. :blush:

Hi Daisy,

Sorry, I assumed you were new as you’d started your own thread. Have fun in your sandpit :relaxed:

Nykie x

Just love these beads!

Made a set for myself too and I can’t stop touching them when I wear it! :grinning:

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But personal challenges aren’t a public challenge, and this is a public forum. If you want to keep a private track of your listings then do it privately. My goodness, imagine if every regular forum user started their own personal listings thread? There wouldn’t be any room for anything else on the forum!


Hi Sara

But since this is a public forum, surely that means that I’m free to post my own topics to it?

I’m not using this to keep a private track of my listings. If I need to do that, I just look at my shop. :blush:

This is for research of another kind, which is becoming rather interesting now… :wink:

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Been playing with resin casting! :dragon_face:

Bit rushed for time but a gorgeous mini tote bag for today…

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Inspired by the very lucky squirrel than ran across my path and in front of a car during my MTB ride yesterday evening! Fortunately he’s okay and scurried off down the riverbank! :relieved:

Enjoying the last of the sunshine in the garden this afternoon and thinking of making a Ladybird Hotel for the winter too…! :beetle:

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