Folksy Ltd

New beginnings

(Thomas John Davies) #1

Decided to create a new stock on my Folksy shop. All items are now marked down by 20% on my page.

Having a selection of hand crafted clocks and scroll work coming soon as well as my unique pens


(Margaret Jackson) #2

Love your pens John, and your shop is looking great, good luck! :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I read on the other forum that you’re having trouble uploading photos?

Here’s one of your fabulous pens that I particularly love

(Thomas John Davies) #4

Thanks Louisa
much appreciated.
I think I am too old to learn how to upload photos or too dull ??

(Margaret Jackson) #5

John. What happens when you follow the instructions? What is it that you are struggling with. Maybe I can help you grasp it?

(Margaret Jackson) #6

I’m a bit confused about your sale. I looked round d your shop but it doesn’t mention any sale or reduction in price?

(Thomas John Davies) #7

I have marked down all the pens already, they were 20% dearer yesterday

(Margaret Jackson) #8

Yes, but from a customers point of view it’s a good idea to point that out in your shop. I know you’ve marked your prices down because I saw it here, but it’s just a suggestion that you make it clear in your shop. Customers who land in your shop from anywhere else but here won’t have a clue that you’ve got a sale on…You could do with making it more of an event to draw people in.