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No Sales yet feeling sad

(Littlelinsy) #1

No sales yet really do not know what I am doing wrong ,Am I too expensive could someone look at my shop and give me some advice please .I tweet and share on face book and seem to have success on other sites,any help will be appreciated.
thanks Lindsey

(Creations Vicky) #2

Hi, I’ve just had a look at your shop. I’m new to Folksy and from what I can see there is nothing wrong with your shop. Nice clear pictures, great descriptions of your items and clear prices. I’m new to Folksy myself and only had my business a year. I find it hard to direct traffic and get sales too, so don’t be too disheartened. Not sure how long you have had your shop on Folksy. Sorry I can’t really offer much advice being new myself, but keep going. I’m sure it will happen soon. xx

(Leanne Woods) #3

It can take quite a ling time to build up a following and sales on a new site unless you already have a band of loyal customers to direct to your shop so it’s really just a matter to keep on keeping on, promoting on facebook, twitter, pinterest etc and work on engaging customers on those sites rather than just posting shop links.

Having had a look at your shop you’ll want to double check your postage rates, additional postage is the cost of posting an extra items/items and will be charged in addition to the single postage cost, not instead of it so it should (in most cases) be less than the single postage cost, say £2.50 for the first item and £1 for each additional rather than £3.50 for each additional item.

You’ll also want to double check your titles, these are very important in order to be found on folksy and I’m guessing you’ve copied and pasted some from a site with a larger character limited as some of your titles are chopped, in some cases losing the key information about the item and leaving the title fairly generic. It’s also worth mentioning that google doesn’t like duplicate content across multiple sites so having the same item with identical titles and descriptions across multiple sites can harm your seo, spend a bit of time rejigging or rewriting the titles and descriptions on each site to make them different.

Your photos are quite clear but some items are being cropped in the item preview and a few corners here and there are being nicked off, try taking the photos from a little further back or crop the images yourself before uploading to prevent this happening.

There is also a bit of a colour cast in some of your photos, iit’s no big thing but customers will often assume that the background should be white (if that appears to be the intention) so if it looks a bit blue or a bit yellow then they’ll think that the actual item won’t be exactly the shade or colour it is in the photo either, try playing around with some photo editing software to make sure the colours are true. There are some very good free editing packages available and a bit of playing around can make all the difference.

HTH and all the best with your new shop.

Leanne xx

(Littlelinsy) #4

Thank you so much for your really useful information Leanne and for taking the time to reply and also Vicky .

(Sasha Garrett) #6

I had a look on folksy and your ipad cases/ glasses cases are a) lovely (its shame I neither wear glasses nor have an ipad) and b) reasonably priced… however it is a competative market (over 700 listings for ipad cover or ipad case on folksy) so you need to figure out what will make you stand out from the others. Adjusting photos and titles will help, a lifestyle shot of your items might help people buy into the item (do you have any glamourous friends who could be photographed walking a whippet/ greyhound with their ipad in one of your covers under their arm? think along the lines of the shots you see in glossy fashion mags)
You don’t say how long you have been on folksy - in my first year on here I only achieved 4 sales to people I didn’t know (and 3 to people I did know), doing better in my second year but it still doesn’t compare with how well my stuff sells at craft markets etc. Try to not get disheartened and keep on plugging away with promoting. I’ve never tried it but you might want to consider a day’s promotion via BritishCrafters - she normally themes the items being promoted and should have a day when your doggie items would fit in.

(Karen Ellam) #7

Hello Lindsey

Just try not to get disheartened as others have said. It takes a while to tweak and nurture your shop. Leanne as given some great advice :blush:

Just keep promoting and love what you do


(Hobbitgirlie1880) #8

Don’t feel sad or disheartened by the no sales.
It’s like what everyone else has said it takes time to build up a following.
I only made one sale last year Wich was my first year.
This year has only just started and I have made two that’s an improvement already.

You have really lovely items. Have you done any craft fairs?
Think you would do well at a fair and you could give out cards.
I have found some ppl like to have a good feel and nosey at things before the even think about buying.
Hope that helps.
My fingers are crossed for you.

(Louise Foot) #9

Hi, I really like your items. This is just an idea but something that worked well for me. Last summer I contacted a rabbit rescue centre that I have loads of respect for & asked if they could make use of donated bunny themed soaps & lip balms to sell on at fund raising events. When i did this it was purely because £20 in materials (made in to soaps etc) could triple what they would get if sold at close to the retail price compared to a £20 cash donation. The rescue snapped my hands of ! They shared a link to my Facebook page (I didnt know they would do this) & all of a sudden I was getting sales from rabbit lovers who tended to buy considerably more than my average customer. When I saw your shop I thought “Greyhound rescue” I know they’re whippets but you know what I mean. Lots of charities do facebook auctions where your items could be viewed by a relatively large audience. PS my rabbit loving customers do tend to buy from my Et** shop though - sales remain pretty low here on Folksy

(Stephanie Guy) #10

Your items are lovely and I think the prices are about right.

The main things that stand out for me are all little but they would put me off:

  • your first three item photos are letting the side down, they look washed out and the backgrounds are tinged with blue. If I were visiting your shop I’d look at the first few photos and move on. Perhaps re-order them until you’ve got better photos?
  • your title “Cream Calico Lightweight Spring,Summer bag with pretty floral fabric appliqued w” stops rather abruptly
  • it’s not obvious from first glance that your cream calico bags are shoulder bags - the straps look too much like the background. A shot on a person would help.
  • your descriptions don’t always match your items, you have “here we have one of my first Chihuahua dog” in the inspiration but it looks like a whippet to me.

(Amberlilly) #11

I think the idea of a dog breed title is good, especially when you tweet. #greyhoundaccessories etc or whatever comes up on the suggest when you use the #
Greyhound or whippet lovers are everywhere, they are very popular, you need to research what you have locally, maybe like Louise said, try the fund raising part or leave your cards at pet shops, there still are small ones around, and groomers. the place i buy my food from is a pet shop/groomers/trainer, i have noticed recently new items for sale there, all doggy related and looks handmade.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #12

I know its cheating in away but why dont you get a friend to make an order from you just to show you have had a sale. It will maybe encourage other sales

(Ocean Arts North Devon) #13

You are not alone, I have had a shop for several months now and only 2 sales! Viewing figures poor as well. I sell elsewhere and get by nicely, I opened a shop on Folksy as a lot of my items I make are heavy to post and because this site is geared up for the UK market and post more reasonable to send in this country I thought I would do better, but so far not the case!

(Sebastian Di Gatto) #14

Same here… I opened mine before xmas not one sale !! my other shops do really well…giving up on here once my items need relisting going to close up… is poor…such a shame :frowning:

(Littlelinsy) #15

I must admit I have only been open for just over a month so maybe I am expecting to much .Thank you everyone for your comments and I hope you all have many more sales.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #16

sales are slow on folksy even for oldies I’m afraid! I’m busy else where though, maybe try other places as well

(Littlelinsy) #17

Thanks Dianne I am also on Etsy and do really well on there .

(Caroline White) #18

They’re fab little products. I used to sew so I know exactly how much time and money it takes to make lovely things like those in your shop. Your photos are fab and I think you have priced them perfectly.

I have to confess that I gave up sewing and converted to a different medium because the market was a tad flooded with textiles and for some reason people seem to think they should practically be given away. It got to the stage where I only seemed to sell anything if I was desperate and sold it practically “at cost”. That said, some people who make sewn items do very very well and I’m sure if you can find the right customers they’ll come back again and again and again. You just need to be a bit more tenacious than I was.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Caroline x

(Helenbrady4) #19

I’ve not made any sales yet either. Set up my page last year but have only really started putting effort in since Christmas, as was my new year’s resolution. I’ve started using twitter much more and that’s definitely working to increase shop views but still no sales on folksy yet. Have also set up a facebook page for my jewellery which will hopefully help with getting a following.