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New Folksy badges, banners, and printable postcards & flyers!

Here’s a little present for you all.

I’ve finally finished designing the printable postcards and flyers you asked for, and made you some sparkly new Folksy graphics you can use on your blogs, websites and social media too.

I really hope you like them. Let me know at the bottom of the post if there are any others you would like.


They look fabulous, thank you x

Beautiful, I shall be using some of these :blush::blush::blush:

They look really good, can’t wait to start using them.

Oh! these look great, thank you.
All I need to do now is get my printer to work properly. :slight_smile:

Exciiiting ! They are great. thanks.

Thanks Camilla these are brilliant :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

They are all great thank you Camilla @folksycontent Have managed to download to my Macbook which uses Safari but I am unable to download to my iPad which also uses Safari any help or advice please.


I think its time to redo the sign that I have for craft fairs and open studios - here it is strategically placed next to a bit of sculpture that gets lots of admiring glances during the open studios (and my guest book/ newsletter sign up is just out of shot)

might go with one of the banners, then superimpose my shop address at the top and ditch the QR code…

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Love these, thank you :0)

Great shall look forward to using these thank you @folksycontent

oh WoW ! lots of choices. Will be printing out a selection . thank you

These are lovely, thank you, especially love the flier describing Folksy and its ethos.

Thank you! they look great, shall be printing some soon :slight_smile:

Those look great Camilla @folksycontent thank you, can’t wait to put them to use :slight_smile:

Excellent, we will be using some of these for sure. Lovely! :smiley:

I’m not sure why you can’t download them to your iPad, Gill, but if you have email on your iPad you should be able to email them from your Macbook to there or do something fancy like share them on your cloud?

Thank you Camilla will give it a try. Don’t like not being able to do things there has to be a way and I’ll find it.

Thank you. These look great.

These look great

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