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New Market today

(Kate Turner) #1

Successful day. I did a new farmers market today in Lenham. The sun was out and so were the people it was really quite busy. Did better than I thought.
Also got invited to a Craft and Market Fair in aid of Breast Cancer in May. The nice thing is the organisers are only having one of each type of stall, and mine is the only craft stall like mine…yippee. So there will only be one person selling each item i.e. cheese, fish. Its a cream tea affairs so people attending will also get a cream tea.


(Plumporridge) #2

Well done Kate! Is that Lenham in Kent? You picked a good day weather-wise, I think the best events are the ones early in the year when people are fed up with being indoors and want to come out and spend their pennies! The next one sounds good, love a cream tea. xxx

(Kate Turner) #3

Hi Plumporridge
Yes it is Lenham in Kent it’s only about 8 miles from me. It was a lovely day, just what you need after dull miserable days, gives you a real boost.

I love doing the farmers markets, great people, everyone helps everyone setting up.