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Sunny Monday morning

Its brewing up a lovely day here. Older ones in the family are back to work, younger ones off to beach mission. So as I have to cycle 5 miles a day, might as well cut back a little and get fitter and slimmer. And of course finish the hottie I am working on!
Looking forward to the day, hope you all have a good Monday line up as well,
Suzzie x

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Morning…planning to go to town with my daughter today
I had a sale on here last night, but the customer hasn’t paid yet so will do that when she has…only listed two items so far as I am testing Folksy out
Have a lovely day :slight_smile: x

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Morning!!! I woke up with my first sale here :slight_smile: Soooo happy :slight_smile:


Congrats @TobisiasLilThing - sales are always exciting especially that first one :smile:

I have daughter back home which is nice. I have got some work on today but a bit on and off with breaks throughout the day. Think I start at about 9am and don’t finish till 4pm but will only be working for about 4 hours during that time. Thankfully most of my clients are within a small radius of home so I can pop home for coffee whenever I get a break.

Right, better start getting ready.

I’m about to pop to the allotment to do some weeding, then its paper work, then its the sort of daily cycle (probably head out towards Babraham today via the farm shop…) and then its finish polishing the cufflinks I’ve been working on. Busy busy.

What lovely news that 2 Folksy friends have had over night success @TobisiasLilThing and @LynnroseDesigns
Yesterday I pulled up half my onions to dry and store, and if I can get my hands on some jam jars I will make some Redcurrant and port jelly for Christmas.
But must keep watering that Lottie!
Suzzie x

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Morning everyone…Congratulations to those that have had sales…I still haven’t had a sale since June…:frowning:

Sunny here but it is forecast to cloud over later and get wet.
I finished my bag yesterday…but it isn’t right…so I undid some of it and am going to try and sort it out today.
Also I need to make a few cakes…promised work I would take some in tomorrow…it seems it’s my turn…

If there’s time then I will do the dusting…if not then it will wait until tomorrow…
Have fun

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Morning everyone. :wave: I can’t make the weather out at the moment as all I can see is clusters of clouds and it’s kinda dull. Me and OH have been packing some of our things around the house as I plan on moving next week, haven’t found anywhere as of yet though lol. :laughing: I do have someone to contact Wednesday about a house in the Lake District, we’ll see what happens.

Congratulations Monika @TobisiasLilThing and @LynnroseDesigns, you always get a sale when you least expect it but I’m really pleased for you both!

Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE and Sasha @SashaGarrett you both sound like you have a busy day ahead! Hope you manage to get that hottie finished Suzzie and Sasha can I see the cufflinks when there finished please. :grin:

I was on a roll and half yesterday! 7 brand new sets of tags, different from the norm. I just worry they won’t fit with my shop because their in colour and not brown kraft & black? Could maybe post a photo in later to see what you ladies think! x

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Awww, your sale will come Kim @KBCreations and when it does I know you’ll be extremely pleased! Hope you manage to sort you’re bag out, I’d love to see it when it’s listed. x


Well I’ve pegged out the washing and crossing fingers and toes it doesn’t chuck it down. One minute it looks lovely & sunny… The next cloudy gloom :no_mouth:

Yay @TobisiasLilThing I saw your sale late last night pop up on the front page. I was smiling from ear to ear. Isn’t it a fab feeling. Here’s to many, many more :blush: :tada:

I’ve got a few chores to get finished this morning, and I also want to pop up my Mum n Dads for a catch up.

Enjoy your day whatever your upto


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Thanks Karen :slight_smile: I just have beautiful start of day :slight_smile: One sale here and one on Etsy :slight_smile: Going to post office now - time to ship this stuff :slight_smile:


Congrats on your first sale @TobisiasLilThing! Hope you have many more to come.

I’m not sure which part of me aches most at the moment - that’ll teach me to do a yoga class! I need to get some work done today nad I want to cook for my long-suffering OH tonight: Italian bean stew, one of his favourites.

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Now that sounds like food Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery. I love it.

Roz @Rozcraftz, I meant to say earlier that I hope you’re working hours fly by for you and I’m glad that you’re Daughter arrived home safely. My Son got back from Cyprus at 1.10am this morning, glad he’s home safe too!

Enjoy you’re visit with you’re Mum & Dad Karen. x

So just for Kelly @tagpress…

the lights not right to show off the sparkles in the silver bands so they are showing up as grey
So its lunch, then bike ride but what after that…please choose from the following so I know what to make next:
jade triangles to be set in gold for earrings
huggy half hoop type earrings with a reversible fordite drop
moonstone and lapis pendant set in silver.
Most popular one gets made first.

Love those cuff links @SashaGarrett. - would like to see them all but I will vote for the pendant for no particular reason.

Well I have finished this mornings work and walked the dogs, now got an hour before I have to go out again this afternoon. I am trying to persuade my daughter to get up and drive up to work to see if they can give her any shifts. She’s not so keen but keeps saying she needs money so…

Have just completed all her washing - she said she hadn’t worn everything she took with her but could I wash it anyway - translation: I can’t be bothered to unpack and put things away!

Kelly @tagpress I’m sure your new tags will fit in just fine. You can put them in their own collection and can order your shop so that you keep all the coloured ones together if you want to.

see you later, Roz

Hi, all, and congratulations on your sales!

It is admin and cleaning/tidying my house today plus maintaining and updating my online shops and galleries. I made a list last night with what I needed to do today and I ticked some tasks already mainly admin. Now it is the house chores (which I hate but it must be done :frowning: ). My work room also needs some tidying. OK, I am off now :).

Teodora x

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Thanks all
I will email customer later to check everything ok as no payment yet x

Happy Monday everyone, dull and cloudy here today, just had a man come and measure up for new doors now I can do printing, before the all the housey things. Enjoy the rest of your day! :slight_smile:

Ahhh Roz @Rozcraftz you obviously know that the pendant is the one I started a while back, put down in favour of other things and need a boot up the derriere to get on and finish it. Boot duly noted and I’ll report back when its done.

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Oh wow, love the cufflinks Sasha @SashaGarrett , their gorgeous! Thanks so much to going to the trouble posting them for me to see, they’ve lifted my mood!

Received a phone call today for the property in the Lake District, I was supposed to call on Wednesday coming. There was only a 2 bedroom left but it’s no good as I need 3. The phone call was to arrange a viewing with me, shame. Still hunting. :tired_face:

My vote goes to the moonstone and lapis pendant for sure Sasha! Now that I can’t wait to see, its a good job you post these photos for me because I always assume you will anyway lol. :laughing:

Thanks for that Roz @Rozcraftz, you’re right. I have to put my shop into holiday mode Friday so I could get it all sorted out properly then ready for when I re-open after moving home.

Hope you managed to tackle you’re house chores Teodora @TeodoraPaintings. I have a ton of things to get sorted out this end but all in my work space.

Good luck with the payment @LynnroseDesigns, I’m sure you’re customer will send it.

Tina @DaisyWings, glad you’ve had the fitting done, one more job done. x

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