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New thread for Black Friday offers

The previous thread about Black Friday became difficult to navigate, so I’m starting a new thread JUST for your offers and promotions. I want to make sure we don’t miss anyone who wants to take part.

To reiterate, we’re hoping to run a Black Friday promotion on 27 November that you can get involved in if you want to. It won’t be sold as a bargain “buy, buy buy” discount promotion – instead we’re looking it as a chance to attract the attention of online shoppers on possibly the busiest internet shopping day of the year. We’ll be emphasising the skill, craft and love that goes into handmade items.

If you want to get involved, you can either:

  1. Set up a % discount for your whole shop using the code BLACKFRIDAY and let us know the discount amount in this thread.

  2. Or, to help those of you who have said a shop-wide discount isn’t feasible, you could just put a few items on sale (even just one). Just add something like “offer”, “special price” or “sale” to the title and include the previous price in your description. If you’d rather do that, can you let me know by posting a link to the item here.

  3. Some sellers have asked if they can be included if they offer free postage, so we’d like to extend the offer to that too. Again if you can make sure all the listings with free postage include the words “free postage” or “free shipping” in the title, it will make it easier for shoppers to find them. And can you please add a link to the item/s below to help us find them.

I’ll list the offers that you have all already told me about below, so you don’t have to repost them. If you could just check they are right, that would be great.

If you want to continue the discussion about Black Friday, please do that in the previous post, not here. Thank you!


So far the sellers I have listed as taking part and the offers are…
(I hope I’ve got all those right. Let me know if not.)

@hollypicthall is offering 50% off Wilful North

@eanjewellery is offering 20% off Elizabeth Anne Norris Jewellery

@digtheearth is offering 20% discount off Dig The Earth

@silverbirchstudio is offering 10% discount off Silver Birch Studio

@TheRainbowPaperie is offering 50% discount off The Rainbow Paperie

@ClarkJewellery is offering 20% discount off Clark Jewellery

@imapico is offering 15% off Ima Pico Silk Scarves and Accessories

@talkofthetownparties is offering 10% off Talk of the Town Parties

@JulesandClem will be offering 30% off Jules and Clem

@headnhart will be offering 20% off Anna Joe Textiles

Next 10 offers to be listed below…

Here are the next 10. Again, please let me know if I have got anything wrong!

@hollieeccles is offering 20% off Curious Magpie

@BilletDoux is offering 20% off Emma Higgins - Printmaker

@RachelMaryUK is offering a 20% discount in her shop Rachel Mary

@sophieluckjones will be offering a 30% discount in her shop Sophie Luck Jones

@ourgreenroomdesign will be offering a 20% discount on OurGreenRoom Design

@AKART will be offering 20% on all original paintings in AK Art

@elliestreasures is offering 10% off Ellie’s Treasures

@jenniesgems will be offering 10% of Jennie’s Gems

@SarahBrooksJewellery will be offering 20% off Sarah Brooks Jewellery

@TheAutumnOrchard will be offering 20% off The Autumn Orchard

Next 10 offers to be listed below…


Yes, that’s right, thanks!

My whole shop is free P&P to UK customers and so I’ve added the words “free postage” to listings for this event:

Many thanks Folksy!

More Black Friday offers - again please let me know if I’ve got anything wrong!

@LouiseGraceJewellery will be offering 25% off Louise Grace Jewellery

@menagerie will be offering a 10% discount code in Menagerie

@hobbitgirlie1880 will be offering 10% off Beaded Treasures

@CalyxHandmadeJewellery will be offering 15% off Calyx Handmade Jewellery

@MollyCoddleChildrenswear will be offering 20% off Molly Coddle Children’s Wear

@Rozcraftz will be offering 10% off Rozcraftz

@ManiacalMosaics will be offering a 35% discount on Morton’s Maniacal Mosaics

@DandelionsGallery will be offering 50% off Dandelion’s Miniature Gallery

@StormTeacup will be offering 25% off Storm in a Teacup Jewellery

@AliDufty will be offering 15% off Ali Dufty


These are the next 10 shops I have down for Black Friday offers. Have I got them right?

@delphineandmax will be offering 25% off Delphine & Max

@LizziCamilla will be be offering 25% off LizziCamilla Handmade

@TheMeadsCraftHouse will be offering offer a 20% off The Meads Craft House

@handmadeinbrighton will be offering a 25% discount in their shop Handmade in Brighton

@rachelseymourdesign will be offering 20% off Rachel Seymour Design

@KentCrafts ill be offering a 20% discount in her shop Kent Crafts

@Lizzyanthus will be offering offering 25% off Lizzyanthus Jewellery

@kazboxer will be offering 50% off all Kaz Boxer cards

@LilyLilyHandmade will be offering a 20% discount in LilyLily Handmade

@FashionMagpieJewellery will be offering 20% off Fashion Magpie Jewellery

Thank you, yes 50% off all Dandelion’s Miniature Gallery items :slight_smile:

Dew Drop Crafts will be offering 10% off the whole shop. Thanks Folksy :smiley:

I’ll be offering 20% off everything in my shop through to midnight on Monday -

Hi Camilla
Yes you have got mine right many thanks
Lizzi x

I will try it as well. 15% off everything with the code BLACKFRIDAY (capital letters if that makes any difference).
Only for Friday 27/11/15. The discount is on the items’ price, not shipping.

That’s fine for me. Thank you!

I asked in other thread if I had to use the hashtag symbol before blackfriday in the tag? It’s not a joke, I really don’t know how to do it on my keyboard…

I would like to offer 10% off in my shop for the black friday promotion weekend, I also already offer free delivery for all UK customers.
Thank you.

Hi Camilla, thank you for putting me on the list. I’m down on your list as Billet Doux Prints which is my old name. Please can I be a pain and ask to be Emma Higgins- Printmaker which I now call myself. I don’t know if it will make a difference or not on the gift guide or if you just wrote it here for the purpose of this thread? Anyway- thank you x

I wondered about this too - so I searched #BlackFriday and just BlackFriday and got the same results. However, searching Black Friday as opposed to BlackFriday gets different results, so I ended up tagging my items with both versions (just not the hashtag :slight_smile: )

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You don’t need to add the hashtag symbol when tagging your items, Christine. I just used it to indicate that it was a tag. Sorry for any confusion.

If you ever do need to type a hashtag, you hold down the alt button and then press 3 - at least that 's what I do on my Mac. I’m not sure what keyboard you are using though.


I’ve changed that for you, Emma. I’ll make sure I refer to your shop as Emma Higgins - Printmaker in future. Thanks for letting me know.

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Thanks, Camilla! # # # !

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