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Not enough

Hi…I’ve reopened my shop with new products I’ve been working on…like the photo below
I’ve been charging £20 for these little books in a box and size is appx 6in square

Am I charging too low?

All critique welcome


I’m probably not the best person to comment (but when did that stop me :rofl:) as I’ve no knowledge of such items and I’m defo not your target market but will comment as a lay person in the hope it helps.

A quick internet search however suggests you could potentially charge more as your item looks beautiful, but is hard to say without more info. This also brings to mind the old adage that price needs to be justified in the listing description and as it isn’t currently listed for sale there isn’t one. So I’d say that if you’re able to tell a story in your description about how you’ve individually handmade it etc. and talk a bit about what’s involved you’d be able to justify a higher price e.g. is all the lace work cut out by hand?

Other thing to think about of course are your costs, time etc. to make it as those will also tell you if you should be charging more.

Good luck :smiley:


I agree with Feel Felt hard to comment without a full description. One thing I would say if you have used die cut in. Due cutting machine whether electric or roller, state that hand cut on a die cutting machine. To put hand cut infers to me cut with a scalpel.


Should also have said that if there’s anything ‘added value’ or special about the materials to also talk about these in the description.

I think this is the type of product where someone would pay more for the perception that what they are getting is unique, special, not mass produced etc. and your shop description certainly implies you’ll be able to do this :smile:

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need a bit more detail as you haven’t got any stock and I don’t know how much your materials costs and time are/are you adding postage on top…

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Thanks for your feedback, I’ve just getting a feel of what people would pay…I have sold 2 elsewhere at £20 each but I’ve been told I’m underselling myself as each item is a one of piece !
Here are some more pics of the insides…each book has 6 double sided pages

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How long do they take you to make? What is the cost of materials and other business costs, such as insurance, folksy fees, office supplies etc. I would work out your costs and then base your selling price on that

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they are beautiful.
The problem is an “age old” one…do you want this as a money making business…is it a hobby to make a little bit of extra cash…
Then you have to ask…what do you think people would pay…are you prepared to ask higher prices and wait longer for customers…or charge less and sell a lot.
It is all swings and roundabouts and a very “touchy” subject for a lot of people…
Only you can decide.
One thing you could do, since you don’t have any listed, is to try a high price and then if they don’t sell, put the price down a bit…it is easier that way, than asking a low price and then suddenly increasing it.