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Price advice please

Hi guys! I only started my shop a few days ago and I am adding my stock at the moment, albeit slowly! Anyway I’ve recently started making funky hair clips for girls and I thought I would sell these so some of them are listed in my shop; I’m selling them for £2.50 each - is this reasonable do you think or is this too much for a hair clip? They are very individual and unusual I think but obviously I made them so I am biased! :wink: Anyway could you guys tell me what you think? (Please be kind :slight_smile: )

Kate xx

I think they are lovely I don’t think £2.50 is to much to ask, I have found pricing very difficult changed my a few times as people keep telling me I don’t charge enough, good luck with your shop x

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thank you :slight_smile:

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It really depends on your material costs and how long they take to make - you need to cover your costs and make some money for yourself too. You’ll never be able to compete with the mass-manufacturers, so don’t try - handmade items should be more expensive, not less. If buyers want something special, they will pay for it. Keep it reasonable, but not cheap!

By the way, you have the same name as my grandmother - she was Kate Shephard too - spelt the same way. Are you a Shephard by birth or married to one? :smile:

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Thanks Christine for the advice; Yes they take a bit of time to make as I have to pair all the bits so that it looks right to me (and there are a lot of little bits and pieces!!!) and then stick it all together and it’s all a bit fiddly - especially when I’m using gems.
What a small world - re the name - I’m a Kate Shephard by marriage. My husband is Alan Shephard and his family is originally from Kent (Margate); Maybe you are related?

£2.50 seems low to me.
By the time you take away listing fees and commission when sold you will have made less than £2, and that is before deductions for materials.

Sarah x

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Thanks Sarah :slight_smile: I just didn’t think anyone would pay more than £2.50 for a hair clip - hence the £2.50

I’m not aware of any cousins in Margate, but there could be some connection a few generations back. It’s an unusual spelling - I think we had a couple of changes to it along the way - it was originally Shepard, then Sheppard, then finally settled as Shephard (obviously not the most literate of ancestors!).

I think £2.50 is too little to charge for anything handmade. Maybe, if you really don’t think people will pay more for hair clips, make something a bit bigger and charge more. It seems a shame to spend so much time on something that you’re practically giving away.

Sometimes I think we confuse what ‘we’ would pay for something as opposed to what others will pay…and by others I mean, people that cant make them themselves and are only too willing to pay whatever they cost.