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Not one solitary sale this year.... eeeeek!

No sales at all this year, where am I going wrong I wonder ?

Hi Maureen @maumole66 - your work is beautiful - I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be selling. Are you promoting your Folksy shop on Social media platforms? Do you have enough work to fill your shop up a little bit more - do you change up your items so your customers have new things to come and look at?

Joining in on the forums is a really good place to promote - you could come and join in the art threads or the daily listing club (where we all promote each other)

Good Luck x


My last sale was a few days ago. Through Instagram. This is the only place I get seen. Are you on there? Before this is was August last year. Again it was IG. And a returning customer. Be interesting to know what customers search for when they get here or are they directed by us. Maybe Folksy can answer this?
But I would say. Treat it like your own website.


@maumole66 your not alone! I am the first to admit to not being as active on social media as I could/should be. I do IG, pinterest and facebook, with little success, however I have found that my best source is on my local forums, where I have built up quite a good following, I use my Folksy account as my shop window.

Your work is lovely, good luck x

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Thanks Lyn I’ve sold on Art Gallery on line though, I really must give this some thought !! :slight_smile:

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A lot of my sales come through Facebook. I promote my Folksy shop regularly on my Facebook page and share what I make in various Facebook groups I belong to. I know for a fact that 2 tote bags I have sold this month have been because of this promotion. I checked your Facebook page and could not see any recent posts to promte your shop on there so I would recommend you start promoting on there a couple of times a week. Join the Folksy shop group on there too.
I also checked out your Twitter and have followed you and tweeted a couple of your items.
I try to list something new at least once a week to give people something new to look at and a good variety of items.
Hope that helps


I have only had 2 sales this year, despite joining the forums and promoting on FB, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. I try to list twice a week if I can but a bit difficult as I work full time as well. I think people are very cautious at the moment and watching what they spend

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Yes, I think you are right Karen,people are being much more cautious I think

Thanks Kim , must remember to post more on the FB folksy shop page, and on my own fb artist page

Thanks for your kind words I do have an occasional flurry of posting on the folksy art thread page .must be more consistant

Thanks everyone for the helpful hints , thinking about things I do have one regular customer who checks out my Folksy shop, but hates PayPal for some reason ! So we manage her purchases just using Folksy as my shop window .it works quite well , so I suppose I really have sold via Folksy this year haven’t I lol !!

Hi, you have some lovely items. I will tweet and pin a few items for you xx

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Hi Maureen - is your shop set up to accept payment through Stripe, your regular customer may feel happier using this over Paypal.


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Thank you Claire that is so kind , I love your lavender bags I’ve got a gorgeous heap of different types of lavender in my garden which I really should be doing something with . I will pin and tweet them

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Hello Elaine… I think I did start to set that up quite a while back now, but didn’t get going , I shall have another look at it. I just love your dainty delicate work… so pretty… I have pinned and tweeted your lavender bags… hope that’s ok ?

Have you read up on the most recent search engine algorithm changes and altered your titles/ descriptions accordingly so that you are still being found by google? Changes were made by google last year to reflect that more people are searching by asking Alexa/ Siri etc questions rather than by sitting at their computers, so whilst previously they might have typed ‘decorated wooden hare’ they now ask Siri ‘find me painted hare decorations’ so titles/ descriptions need rewording to take that into account.

thanks so much x

thank you Maureen.

That’s interesting. I didn’t think of this. Will have a look. Thanks Sasha. As I’m too struggle on here, still. :smirk:

Must check that out Sasha, thanks !