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2 sales since Feb - what am I doing wrong?

(Kate Green) #1

Hi, I’m loosing the will to Folksy I’m afraid! I’ve only sold 2 items - 1 due to a tweet from F straight after joining and another in June. I sell on the other online shop and really well in my local shops and craft fairs. Have I made any mistakes in how I’ve listed, could someone check for me please?
I actually really like the options that F offers ie lots of collections (although the lack of an interlink function is annoying, as is the lack of a function to offer a variety of sizes etc).
I opted for Prime membership as I knew I’d be listing a lot so will see out the year but haven’t broken even yet and if things don’t improve I won’t be renewing.
ANY advice would be fab!
Cheers Kate

(Liz Clark) #2

I think your shop is lovely, descriptions are great, and I can’t see there is anything wrong with your shop at all!

When you promote yourself, do you point people to your Folksy shop or your other shop? Could that explain it?

(Little Black Heart) #3

your shop and items are great! i love the fine art prints and pics, but for me, i feel your crochet, buttons, beads and necklaces etc are more appealling, in an “instantly buyable” way, if that makes sense. why not take a few of the items on page 3 of your shop, and add them up to the top of page 1? you never know, maybe a little shake up might help! otherwise, like @BigBirdLittleBird says - it’s really a case of promoting, and pointing people directly to your shop. x

(Roz) #4

Lovely shop and items. Just wondering about your photos though - although they are lovely and clear it is difficult to see immediately that it is canvases you are selling, particularly so with the sets of 4. I know it says so in the title but visual first impressions are important when you are up against competition. Maybe a photo showing the whole canvas propped up on a shelf or hanging on a wall might give a better impression … or maybe its just me. As I can’t see the edges of the canvas it makes me wonder if the photo is of the whole thing or just a part of it.

(Kate Green) #5

Thanks, that’s good to know. I’ve been trying to promote F ie all my Pinterest posts are for my F shop.

(Kate Green) #6

Good point! I don’t have any ready made around to photograph but next time someone orders one i should take a pic.
K x

(Kate Green) #7

Hi, you’re right I sell much more crochet than photography. I’d presumed that people would view my shop through the collections and hadn’t even considered what was on each page.
K x

(Sasha Garrett) #8

I don’t there is anything wrong with your listings - good clear photos, concise descriptions, consistant shop look. Folksy just isn’t as well known as Etsy and if you want to achieve a steady flow of customers/ sales here you need to be promoting this shop - a quick look through your facebook and twitter gives me lots of other places to buy your work (btw congratulations on getting into the Cambridge Showcase) with links to etsy and your own website but not folksy. When I ran a search on Folksy for ‘crochet necklace’ none of your pieces made it on to page one of the results - a quick look at the listings shows no tags. The folksy search algorithm puts things where the tags match the search terms at the front of the results (newest first) so adding tags might help you being found in searches. (tags were only reintroduced a few months back and I don’t think they announced it particularly well)
Hope that helps

( Valerie Dockerty) #9

Your shop looks lovely
I know it does takes time to get your fist few sales as I did not make many in the first few months to a year on folksy I will favourite a couple of your items so they appear on the front page so hopefully more people will see them

(Nobias Art) #10

Woow, your shop is awesome! Liked a few things so hopefully you’ll pop up on the main page and people would find you. Also pinned a few items from you.
Love your photos, some of them is a bit too abstract for me though, so I almost didn’t look further, but I did and thankfully found your amazing crocheted things. They are soooo quirky and chic:D Love the buntings, bracelets and everything really.
I was about to give up as well but thankfully sticked with FOlksy and have now 10sale in 4-5 months. I offered 10% OFF, also promoted on my facebook page and there is a group called Folksy Sellers Networking group where everyone is super helpful:) Join there and try to promote. Good luck Kate and all the best:)

(Nobias Art) #11

lol, just did the same:)) and word it almost the same:)))

(Camilla) #12

Hi Kate,

I LOVE your shop and I’m really sorry to hear you haven’t had more sales.

I agree with @littleblackheart that your crochet jewellery should be at the top of your shop. Jewellery is our best-selling department on Folksy (joint with Homeware) - so I would give this priority.

Also, you have a lot of collections which could be overwhelming for customers? I would possibly think about cutting them down to two rows? I would also think about changing the titles of some of the collections so they catch Google searches. A collection called ‘Crochet Jewellery’ could work well as this is a popular Google search. And then possibly ‘Crochet Necklaces’, ‘Crochet Bracelets’ etc.

Then share these collections on your social channels as well as individual items.

To get your Folksy shop (and products) ranking on Google you need to have as many links in as possible, so you need to link to it on your social channels as much as possible. I haven’t checked all your listings - but it’s important if you have more than one shop not to copy and paste product titles and descriptions, and even shop descriptions, otherwise Google might see it as duplicate content and ignore it.

To get more links in, it’s worth approaching bloggers to tell them about your work - your photographs are great so they should jump at the chance to feature you! Maybe you could offer to write a tutorial for them (crochet Christmas baubles maybe?) and get them to link it through to your Folksy shop. Bloggers LOVE free content — almost as much as they love free gifts :wink:

Also, if you can come along to Folksy Hour on Twitter (Tuesdays 8-9pm) that’s a great place to pick up tips, meet other makers and find out what’s coming up on Folksy.

Have you seen this blog post - could help?

(Sally Eira) #13

hi kate,

i think your shop looks so good - great items, great photos and beautiful colours.

i would say though, like somebody else mentioned, that scrolling through the first pages, you only have your prints and it would be nice to see a mixture of items so perhpas re-jigging your items may help.

as some people browse pages, they may not get to see your necklaces and see only the prints - mixing things up may give a more varied appearance to your shop front & and a better opportunity for you to show off all your work.


(Kate Green) #14

Thank you. I didn’t know about tags, that should definately help! And I agree checking with all my networks that I have F as well as the other. Thanks for taking the time to look through things for me - SO helpful and much appreciated!

(Kate Green) #15

Thank You!

(Kate Green) #16

Thank you this is so helpful. It sounds like there a number of things I can tweak that might help move things along. Once the kids are back at school and I have some brain space again I’ll give it some attension :smile:
K x

(Kate Green) #17

Good thought!

(Diane Burton) #18

I didn’t know our collection titles were picked up in Google searches @folksycontent, I thought it was only item titles/descriptions, might go have a tweak with mine and see if it helps :slight_smile: