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I’ve created a section in my shop for pictures that are reduced, and wondered if anyone has any experience of how best to promote such offers.

They are mainly items I originally made as ‘batches’ for craft shows or as experimentation in new styles but I don’t really do many shows now and my artwork style is developing in a different direction so they don’t really ‘fit’ style wise in newer displays.

They are still all lovely (!) but I would like to move them on.

Does anyone have any practical experience of what has worked for them? I’ve read handmade lives blog which is very interesting and before I make any bolder decisions I wanted to ask others opinions.


If ebay doesn’t work, maybe open a separate one here temporarily in order to keep things separate. I changed direction with my crafting last year and continued to list my old stock along with the new for a while but like Stevie said it muddied my brand so now I just occasionally put a bit on ebay or take with me when I am doing a car boot for my household bits. Still have a few things hanging around but not too much left now :smile:

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I think you’re lucky to have a distinctive surname, Stevie! I once googled myself to discover that there were hundreds of thousands of Samantha Stanleys in the UK alone. When I tried with my maiden name the position was even worse! I have had a few people ask me over the last few years since I’ve been promoting my work, “So you’re in Whitby, then?” and “Is it you that does those knitted dolls?” So my brand is being muddied by people who I don’t know and have never met! There’s no help for it, my name cannot possibly be my brand unless I change it to something more interesting…

Love Sam :fish:

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Yes that would be an idea. Glad it worked well for you! :smiley: