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Should I start a second shop?

(Donna) #1

I have recently found my inspiration for fabric crafts again and have listed a few items in my shop and have a few half made and I’ve been working on some original embroidery designs. I’m wondering if I should start a second folksy shop to sell them separately from my beauty products?
Does anyone else run 2 shops to keep their different types of crafts separate? Is it difficult to keep track of and promote more than one shop?
Donna x

(Take2 Bottles) #2

I have just opened a second shop for my other crafts to keep it all separate. However, I may eventually combine them as neither get many views and I only really promote Take-2-Bottles. I don’t want two facebook pages, one is enough! I also don’t have that many items in each. I had a look at your shop and as you have lots of items so you may need less categories if you combine them to prevent it being to big. Good luck with whichever route you choose! :slight_smile:

(Deborah Jones) #3

I had two for a while and found it hard work , quite hard to promote both and constantly signing in and out annoyed me. (I do have a shop on Et.y too , an even having shops on different sites is too time consuming sometimes)

I know others cope perfectly well though , so probably it’s just me.

(Annelee Roscoe) #4

Hi Donna,

What a coincidence! I was just about to ask the same question essentially, which brought up your similar post. I too have been pondering as to whether to open a second shop for my nutty gifts. Originally I started out as Anny’s Gifts doing lots of different things, I have always had a varied crafting interest, but as time has progressed it became more and more fairy related as that was where the interest seemed to be. However my nutty gifts are the first thing I ever made that I actually sold, and they do sell, but are not in keeping with the fairy theme at all really. I think same as you that the two streams are so separate they have different markets, different marketing strategies needed and different photographic needs. I am conscious that I could do with unifying the look of my photos across the shop as this influences things such as being chosen as featured seller etc.

The big problem, already highlighted on your thread, is how much work this will create and whether it will be manageable. I already struggle to fit all I want to do in alongside the day job.

I’m even more undecided after this spiel and reading through the comments on yours. AND are you going to make both plus accounts? Let me know how your thinking develops and what you decide to do.
Annelee xx

(Helen Dale) #5

With a customer head on…I prefer shops to have a clear identity. I don’t really like shops which have a wide diversity of products which are completely different… It confuses me!
But maybe that’s just me being a bit too neat and ordered!!!

(Donna) #6

Hi Everyone,
Annelee to answer your last question I’d only have a plus account for my soap shop as I wouldn’t be able to list that many sewn items, I don’t really have the time I’d like to make them in between all the soap, and sewing and dressmaking is more what I do for fun when I get some time. I see what everyone is saying about having to sign in and out all the time so I’d probably have one signed in on google chrome and one on Internet explorer to save the time. I have opened the shop as I wanted to make sure I saved the name Red Dragon Designs and am now hoping for some time to list things in it :smile:
Donna x

(Grimm Exhibition) #7

I had 4 shops at one point(2 jewellery, posh/everyday. Crafts and prints), Ive now reduced it to 1 shop. I agree its nice to have seperate shops with a clear identity so people know what to expect but as Ive had poor sales I decided to put them all in 1 shop. Having the category section can make it easier for potential customers to see only the things they are interested in.