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Oh Bless Me. I gotta badge

(Vicki Cockcroft) #1

Re-opening my shop and my, how things have changed.

I got given a badge.

Only basic user so far, but it’s given me a silly little boost and made me feel I’ve earned a cup of coffee.

(Simon Devlin-Bell) #2

Welcome back! :heart:

(Vicki Cockcroft) #3

Thank you!! Slow but sure. I’ll get there!

(Tina Martin) #4

Yes, welcome back! :smile:

(Vicki Cockcroft) #5

Thank you, Tina. I remember the late nights now… Lol

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(Joy Salt) #6

Welcome back - I spotted your blue bangle earlier and admired it. :slight_smile:

(Vicki Cockcroft) #7

Thanks, Joy. It’s good to be welcomed back. I appreciate people taking the time to say hello.

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(Roz) #8

Welcome backVicki. Good luck with your return. lovely bangles btw. I’m sure more badges will follow hopefully along with more sales. Trouble with the badge thing is that all it seems to indicate is that I am spending far too much time on the forums!

(Vicki Cockcroft) #9

Thank you, Roz. For the welcome and the kind comments. I know! I shall have to remind myself that more badges mean too much time on the forums and not enough time sorting out other important things, like getting google analytics working again!

(Ildiko Roth) #10

Only joined a week ago, haven’t opened my shop yet and when I signed in the badge was there :slight_smile: it made me happy, as silly as it sounds :smiley:

(Vicki Cockcroft) #11

No more silly than me. Sometimes if’s good to be made happy by silly things! Good luck with your shop.

(Ildiko Roth) #12

Yeah, it is…Thank you and good luck to you too :smile: