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Erm... I've returned

Been a long while since I was here, but personal problems meant I had to withdraw, but now I’m able to start concentrating on making some more pictures again… Hopefully I’ll be able to stay now…
Unless you raise a petition that is…


Nice to meet you. I’ve just joined Folksy and hope it will bring in some sales on my products.

Nice to meet you too and good luck with your sales :slight_smile:

'ello, Fellow returnee here and currently restocking my shop. Nice to meet you both…hope I can remember how to do this

Hello, I’m sure we’ll all pick it up fine… :slight_smile:

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Welcome back :slight_smile:

Thank you… :slight_smile:

Welcome back, I also decided to return after about a year. x

Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s a great range you have there ArtBox. I too have just returned. Can just about remember how to navigate the site but cannot remember how to add images to the forum! Spending today adding lots of new listings and updating expired listings with new photos.

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Welcome back folks :blush:



Did you guys have much luck when you were here previously or did you find sales to be slow?

Thanks Aileen - it’s a simple as copying the listing address and posting it here :slight_smile:

From my experience you do have to promote in the outside world, sales are not always easy - I repost every listing on Twitter, my Facebook page and on Pinterest

I have made 590 sales on here over the years so not too bad really. I didn’t promote my shop at all over the past few years and let all my listings expire last year. I struggle to run two shops with a full range of my handmade items but I have expanded my range by having my artwork applied to gift items which I have produced in small limited edition batches so I thought I might as well put some on here too. I am going to add some handmade things this week and let everyone know via social media that my Folksy shop is open. I’ve been here since Folksy started and didn’t want to shut up shop altogether :slight_smile:

Hi All! waves
I’m also back after a rather too long absence. I have just been revamping my banner etc and have listed my first new item. Folksy looks fabulous and I had a quick look at some of the shops and items and they look amazing. I did some favouriting. It’s great to be back and I’ll be listing more fibre-ey things very soon.

Erm… kind’ve returned again… Had an enforced absence as my dear lady and myself have been long term carers for her mum but she took a nosedive in health and we had to concentrate much more time into her care so I haven’t been around…

Sadly she has now passed away,and now our period of grieving has passed, I am now able to get on with making my pictures…

Now, who never missed me? Come on, own up…


I missed seeing your pictures in my feed Trevor, so sorry for your loss, sending hugs to you both xx

Thank you Maxine, very much appreciated :slight_smile: xx

Welcome back. It’s nice to see shops re-opening on here. I hope your shop does well for you.