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Oh how lovely!

I’ve just received this beautiful message from one of my customers who has bought several things off me for her daughter and has just received her latest parcel. It really made me smile! :blush:

It was Bank Holiday Saturday morning and The Hobbit House was having its ’ lie in ’ . Suddenly there was great excitement as Maisy exclaimed that she could hear lots of giggling and squeaking coming from the front door. Mo looked outside and there stood Postman Pete with a grin from ear to ear…
He was holding out a box that seemed to be dancing in his hands :blush:
Mo shouted ’ they are here !! ’ and the rest of the Hobbit Little Nippers rushed to see what would happen when the box was opened…
Oh the surprise , Oh the hugs and exclamations as the Hygge dolls and the autumn Nippers clambered happily out of the box and into their arms :mouse::mouse::mouse::mouse:
Well , it’s a bit too early for a party but… what a fun day we have ahead of us here at Hobbits xxxx
Thank you Martine , happy bank holiday and lots of hugs from us to you :bouquet::hibiscus::balloon::sunglasses::mouse::mouse::mouse::mouse:


That is a lovely message, as are your dolls and Nippers they’re all so unique :grinning:

Thank you. I was really chuffed with such lovely feedback x

How lovely, what a wonderful message.:slightly_smiling_face:

It was a cute message, wasn’t it? x

Aww We so pleased for you, you have a lovely shop with unique lovely items :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Oh that’s a lovely thing to say. Thank you Sue x