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This is a HAPPY thread!

Thought I would start a happy thread as there seems to be a little negativity creeping in on the forum at the moment.

With regards to your shop… What made you smile today? What are you proud of today? What made you happy? Have you reached a milestone? Did you get a great review? Did you get a sale? Have you been working on your shop today, social media?

Let’s share the happiness with each other!

‘It was a good day, because …’

I’ll start!

It was a good day, because I updated some of my photos, and uploaded a new banner. Ordered some new ribbons which turned up today:)

Your turn! :slight_smile:


I love my Folksy Shop, it’s been a good day, new purse clasps arrived in the post, listed a new item and liked some of my fellow sellers amazing creative makes.


Just seen that my latest pair of earrings has been added to Folksy Favourites, so that makes me very happy… :smile:


I recently had a beach hut cushion added to the housewarming gift guide and I’ve finally got around to listing two new cushions (first listings for June - I must sort myself out! :grinning:)


Good news everyone, and an extra well done to those who have had items added to the gift guides! I sold a big artwork in my newer shop, so I am a very happy person today. I finally seem to be getting around to organising myself and knowing what direction to take in the future, so feeling a lot ‘longer term’ happier too! Tomorrow I plan to make what might be my last batch of handmade cards (to use up supplies) and from then on I will probably just concentrate on my artworks and selling cards which feature reproductions of my textile designs. :slight_smile:


I’m happy because I have made 2 pairs of shorts for one of my granddaughters, and they fit!.. and also because I received some lovely feedback from a fellow Folksy seller after she purchased one of my embroidered dragon tote bags.


Brilliant well done everyone. I am happy because tonight I listed something new in my shop and within an hour it was sold taking my total Folksy sales to 150 so that makes me very happy indeed.

Gill x


I’m very happy at the moment because my keishi pearl bracelet got into the bridesmaid’s gift guide and I have also been trying out some new designs for other bracelets and they are looking so-ooo fabulous…Sadly I have run out of thread, so I’m tapping my fingers waiting for my supplies to arrive.

Sam x


My mice are all doing a happy dance and are having a mouse party to celebrate because I’ve sold 278 items on Folksy since Christmas.


I’m ridiculously pleased that I’ve got my first like on my Facebook page that isn’t from one of my friends! Haha!


Wow, you’re doing really well Martine! (Deservedly so :slight_smile: )


Thank you. Things seem to have really taken off since last October. I feel really chuffed. I love having my Folksy shop.


I’ve just had a look at your shop Jessica and your work is lovely. You need to add your Facebook page to your shop in settings. I just noticed it wasn’t there.

Oh my goodness Martine @MaisyMuffin that’s absolutely amazing!! Very well deserved too! :kissing_heart:


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Wow, don’t think I can compete with @MaisyMuffin ! I am happy as I have started designing a new range of tea cosies, soon to be added to my shop. They are a little bit different from my usual flowery ones. It’s so refreshing to try something new. :hibiscus:

This is a lovely thread by the way @TheRibbonQuarter

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Just ‘liked’ you page. Beautiful artwork, wishing you lots of sales.

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Thank you for your lovely comment regarding the thread.

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Martine @MaisyMuffin thank you for your kind words. Amazing selling you are doing! My link to FB page is after my about blurb…is there somewhere else I should be adding a link too?

@TheRibbonQuarter thanks for the like! I am now up to 20 likes woohoo! Hahaha! Also, like reciprocated :grin: You have a lovely range of ribbons and buttons…the polka dot stuff is :sparkling_heart: - does anyone else like to rub satin ribbons on their face…no? Just me? Oh well…maybe I was a cat in a previous life!

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That really made me laugh :joy:

Well done Martine @MaisyMuffin thats amazing - I can only dream … but I remain optimistic and happy today to discover one of my soaps was recently added to Folksy favourites.