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Our refuse tip

(Jane Weaver) #1

Since we moved to W Yorkshire 18 months ago, going to the tip has almost become a pleasure. The people who staff it are lovely - always cheerful and always helpful. This morning they helped me empty the car boot because I was by myself - in fact they usually do.
It’s such a contrast to the ones I have been to before. The one near our last house was initially run by people who couldn’t care less. They sat in their caravan and just looked out at you struggling with things and the place was disgustingly dirty. Eventually they went (or were sacked) and it was taken over by people who kept it much tidier but still didn’t help.
The worst one I ever went to was the one near my Mum in Law. We had to clear out her house after she died. We kept all the keepsakes we could, took everything else that we could to the charity shop. But there were still things we had to get rid of because there was just nothing else to do with them. This nasty man at the tip insisted on turning out the black sack and going through it in front of me before he’d let it be thrown in the general rubbish container. OK - I suppose he was just doing his job and making sure there was nothing recyclable in there but it was just awful seeing this man rootling through all Mum’s stuff.
I don’t know if all Yorkshire tips are as good - it is a friendly county. But it’s so nice to no longer dread the tip run.

(Roz) #2

The closest tip to me you need to have a permit to visit and unfortunately as I live just over the border in the next county I’m not entitled to one. The tip I have to visit is a bit further away but is always clean and tidy and the staff are really helpful - telling you where to put what and helping if you’re struggling. I don’t suppose it is the most glamorous job but hats off to those that make an effort.

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(Annie Storkey) #3

We have 2 we can visit, one in Cambridge and one in S. Cambs, which is slightly nearer to us. No permits needed and they seem very organised.

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(Jane Weaver) #4

I agree. It must be a grotty job. And it sounds as if I have just been unlucky in the past. I’ve never been to one where you need a permit though.

(Christine E.) #5

Our council tip is good- helpful and friendly staff. We have to have a permit (though they don’t check it, perhaps because we have residents parking permits) That’s because the next borough doesn’t have a tip ( to keep the council tax down,) so they try and sneak into ours!

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Ours is a bit hard to get to due to the road lay out. And you have a long single road up to it with only 2 places to pass a vehical coming from the opposite direction. At the end is a rather nice clean permanent gipsy site, A large car mechanic shop, a farm and a large plant hire place all having an entrence off the big bublous bit at the end.

There’s always lots of traffic for them all, so everyone has to be extra polite, patient,helpful and quite often there’s one of the older guys from the gipsy site who will come and help direct all the cars and lorries so there’s no accidents. I think they started this after a lorry hit their rather nice wrought iron gates that is the entrance to their gipsy site.

The tip itself is well run, clean and the guys are helpful but only if you ask for help, they tend to hang back and let you get on unless there’s a health and safety issue. It’s well laid out as well so very easy to use, once you get in. They close a bit early though.

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(Susannah Ayre) #7

I’ve never really thought about it to be honest- just assumed they’d all be the same!
Ours is a local council one, about a 10 minute drive away. Everything’s local here though.
Never had any issues- they just ask what you have (roughly) and point you in the direction of where you need to park to empty out.
My husband does some work with some kids who’re barely holding onto education- teenage boys- and they took a trip to the tip as it’s a recycling centre as well and obviously talked to the guys running it and things- and they came away all wanting to work there! Apparently the staff all really enjoying working there too.

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(Roz) #8

Went to my tip this morning - pouring rain but as soon as I opened my car boot someone was by my side helping me get my giant bag of garden rubbish out, emptied it and returned the bag to me. Cant fault them :slightly_smiling:

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