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Rant of the Day! Golf Umbrellas! What makes you grrrrr?

(Christine E.) #1

Golf umbrellas!!! In the town!!! Take up the whole of the pavement just to keep a bit of water off you! It’s just water, it’s not going to harm you…you don’t need to shove everyone else out of the way with your own personal tent!
That’s my rant of the day. I feel better already :slight_smile:
What anti social behaviour winds you up? Get it off your chest!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

brollies don’t bother me as someone who wears glasses rain is a right problem as glasses don’t have windscreen wipers. So you end up not seeing where you are going bumping into things, people and have problems trying to cross roads grrrrr.

Yep rain when I’m out is a pet hate for me grrrr

As are people who think it’s acceptable to block me in or out of my drive way but parking opposite it in a an extremely narrow close. It also means no else can enter or leave the close either. Then I get people knocking on my door asking if the car opposite is anything to do with me. grrrrrr

(Sasha Garrett) #3

As a cyclist golf umbrellas don’t affect me too much (they stick to the pavements, I stick to the cycle lanes/ road and so long as they look when they cross the roads we get on ok) but motorists speeding through puddles and swamping me with a wave of mucky water grrrrrr. Slow down, pull out a bit further, wait until I’m not cycling through a puddle before you over take me, anything please, I don’t have any other options but to cycle, I’m going as fast as I can and I’d rather not be able to wring my clothing out when I get to my destination.
(I heard of a motorist getting prosecuted for driving without due care and attention for swamping a cyclist but its proving which one did it and I’d feel like I was wasting police time if I reported them)

(Susannah Ayre) #4

For me it’s people who stop in the middle of the path to have a conversation usually with about 3 pushchairs literally taking up the whole path and then act totally blind when you try to get round them so you usually end up having to go around cars onto the road to get around or they act like I’m the one in the way and grudgingly move out of the way.
Also- the pushchair thing where women (sorry- but it’s always women) march down the street and regardless of how much room is on the path will march straight for a pedestrian without a pushchair until they have no choice but to get out of the way.

I realise there is a theme in things that annoy me on the streets but that is definitely one.

Dog poo left in poo bags hanging on fences/trees/the beach etc also a major pet hate.

People who can’t park their cars properly too.

Maybe I should stay inside all the time. Hahaha

(Helen Healey) #5

I hate that too Sasha! I had someone do that to me deliberately when I was walking to the post office with a Folksy order. They sped up and swerved towards the puddle and it soaked me from head to toe. I was on my lunch break from work so I had to go back and work in my wet clothes all afternoon. I was livid!!

(Roz) #6

Ooo dog bags left on footpaths/hanging off trees definitely one that gets me - why bother to pick it up if you are just going to leave it in a non decomposable bag littering the countryside. I would rather it was picked up and taken away but definitely not just left in a bag!

And parking across driveways - my neighbours used to do it all the time and sometimes I would deliberately go out in the car even when I didn’t need to just so they had to move the car and I could make my point!

Dogs allowed off lead in areas where its specifically prohibited. I often take my dogs to the local park just to avoid other dogs running up to them (my two are not the best with other dogs) - defeats the object when others are still running around. Also meeting other dogs where the owner says “don’t worry they are really friendly” and lets them bound all over mine. Theirs might be - mine aren’t!

(Donna) #7

I hate brollys too Christine, they’re an accident waiting to happen, with all those metal spikes just there at eye level. Besides summer rain is not so bad, I’ve just been out in shorts and tshirt, I’m not cold and I didn’t melt grrrrrr don’t start me ranting about it lol :angry:

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Helen I’ve had the same thing happen to me and I caught the woman as she parked up outside the post office I was going to.

It’s an offence as she was driving without due care and attention, if she couldn’t see a large expanse of water then what else was she not aware of when driving.

I was drenched in dirty muddy water even had it in my hair. Her excuse was ‘oh I didn’t see you’

My reply was, “Then you shouldn’t be driving a car” I reminded her that the correct thing to do was slow down or stop wait until she was able to avoid the water and drive slowly so as not to drench anyone. I also reminded her that the polite thing to do was to offer to pay the cleaning bill.

She flung £5 note at me and stormed off.

I had to go back home, shower and put on clean clothing which made me late for an appointment.

Some people make me so cross.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

That’s ok if you don’t wear glasses. Donna your lucky. I have to use a brolly in the rain otherwise they’d be an accident.

(Donna) #10

That’s true Eileen, I only have to wear reading glasses. Which I leave at home when I go out. :slight_smile:

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(Christine E.) #11

I sympathise with all the rants here! The reason for my initial rant was I was walking back from taking B to school and got stuck behind a woman with a brolly that took up the whole pavement! I don’t have a problem with normaI umbrellas but this one was so vast I couldn’t get past and I couldn’t see round it to find out if it was safe to step into the road. Eventually manage to squeeze past but…grrrrrrrrr!
The pushchair thing also annoys me, Susannah @curiousseagull , as do groups of people who won’t move an inch to let you pass. And people who drive through puddles and soak others. And the dog poo in bags (why do they often leave it in/under a tree? Do they think the poo fairy lives there?)
I don’t suffer from drive blocking but I do sympathise.
Another piece of selfish behaviour that winds me up is people sitting on the outside seat on the bus so no-one can sit by them unless they ask (which a lot of people won’t). They sometimes add their bag for good measure… :frowning:

(James Alden) #12

Idiots that think the whole road network is a race track just for them.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

oh I hate when I go down into the local village and obey the 20mph speed sign and I get idiots who see I’ve a fast car and expect me to speed through and they beep me and try driving in my boot. Then as soon as I hit the National speed limit sign and put my foot down they are no where to be seen. I call them the 40mph groupies as that and stop is the only speed their cars go at lol.

(James Alden) #14

I heard one last night,it screamed as it revved up,tuned to the max and what for ? The national limit is 60 on normal roads and my little Hyundai will do that in 3rd gear,only a 1.3. This one is at it all the time and the question is will he hit something solid before he hits someone else ?

(Christine E.) #15

Don’t get me started on drivers. Too much to mention! Pavement parkers, people who can’t park at all without going up on the pavement first, people who regard traffic calming as handy chicanes to practice their motor racing, people on phones, people texting, people generally going too fast, drivers not stopping for people at crossings, drivers reversing across pavements without looking, drivers going onto the pavement right in front of me because they want to turn round… :rage:

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(Bizzy Liz) #16

My pet hate is people looking at their smartphones while you are trying to have a conversation with them! Rude!! Grrrr! Or people crossing the road still looking at their smartphone! (usually in front of my car!)

(James Alden) #17

Just this minute discovered a new one, Winsor and Newton art spray with micro writing on the can so they can fit in all the foreign instructions. Just legible with a x 2.5 lens.

(HartAndCraft) #18

People who sit in the middle lane of a motorway for mile after mile when there is nothing in the inside lane. I would happily issue tickets to these people for free, if only the police would let me :smirk:

(Sally Eira) #19

yep - i’ve recently had that - the tinest writing ever.

(James Alden) #20

I have never used it before so had to read,some people have it that it ruins soft pastel but shipping un-fixed is going to = returns waiting to happen. I soaked one I didn’t rate too much with hairspray and it didn’t seem to make any difference when it dried out so I bought the real thing.